The Waterboy Sandler ends up getting his highschool degree, wins the big superbowl game thing, and marries the girl with his mothers blessing. ell

What Lies BeneathAdultery gone bad. Michelle's character discovers that her husband, Harrison Ford, killed his mistress to cover up his affair, and then he tries to kill her. In the end justice prevails and the ghost of the dead mistress gets her revenge when Harrison dies. Michael C. Wright

Whipped Four guys meet for lunch (three of them single, and one married.) They lie to each other about their "wild and crazy" sexual adventures. Later the three single guys all find "true love" with Amanda Peet, a very sexy girl. You see, each one of them meet her at different times, and they are unaware of the fact that all three of them are dating the same hot chick. Later when the married friend finds out about the dilemma, he goes over to her place and tells her that she is breaking up that "old gang of mine." She tells the married guy that she knew about this all along, and that she wanted to teach them all a lesson about "using women for sex." She goes down on the married guy, and later the four friends all meet for lunch. Loren Richard Klahs

The Wild Bunch At the end, the wild bunch fight the Mexican army cuz the general killed Angel. Pike blows away all three generals, and they all take the machine gun and blast away hundreds of mexicans! mexicans flying everywhere! over 200 killed all, u get to see. but the wild bucnh all die in the fight. Thornton comes to late and the old wild bucnh guy and him ride off togethjer happily jmanx

Woman on Top Okay, the gal (Pénelope Cruz) is a Brazilian femme who gets sick (as in seasick) whenever she isn't under control, so she has to be 'on top' (hence the title) when she has sex with her husband. He wants to feel more manly, so he betrays her and she finds out and runs away to the states, were she gets a hit cooking program on tv, and there's the producer she kinda gets a thing with. But then her husband comes to get her back, big mess, blah blah blah, paryers to their Brazilian sea goddess, blah blah blah, she ends returning with her husband to Brazil were they re-open their restaurant (closed while he left to get her back home) and she gets to be on top happily ever after. Oh, and there is a hint that the producer ends with Penélope's friend, Mónica (who is actually a guy). Gariongirl