Unbreakable Bruce willis finds out he can not be hurt which therefore makes him a super hero, Sam Jackson's character is the complete oppisite of Willis, which means he can be hurt by the slightest touch...So Willis is the Hero, Jackson is the Villan "Mr. Glass"...come to find out Jackson has created plane crashes, hotel fires, train wrecks, trying to figure out who can survive all of these ...Willis is his answer...Willis puts Jackson in prison gio rizzo

Under Siege After Casey Kills Starnixx[tommy lee jones] he types up the self destruct numbers and blows the rocket heading to San Francisco. Then he opens the doors to where the sailors are all at. Seth B

Urban Legend The Noxzema Girl (Rebecca Gayheart) turns out to be the killer in the end. Don't look for any foreshadowing of it though, you won't find any.Marcus Alexander Hart

The Usual Suspects "Verbal" Kint doesn't really exist, and the bad guy is actually Keyser Soze (Kevin Spacey)