Terminator The Terminator goes back in time to kill Sarah Conner. Also a solider goes back to protect Sarah Conner. The Terminator finds 3 Sarah Conners living within a 10 mile radius (imagine that). Systematically starts to kill all 3 one at a time. Solider rescues the correct Sarah Conner. Both Sarah and Solider get cornered in a press room. Solider gets killed by Terminator. Sarah crushes Terminator in press. Spare parts from Terminator go to sequel. Mistrmind

13 Days Somewhere in time in a place that seems far, far away there were some Big Bad Russkies that put some nasty rocket ships and missles in Cuba with bombs aimed at The United States. When The United States found out about this, President Kennedy and his brother Bobby got real pissed off. They tell the Russkies to move those things, or else? The Russkies say, "What things? Surely you are joking?" In a period of 13 days a lot of weird stuff happens. But just before global nuclear war is about to break out, the Russkies say, "OK, you guys, you caught us," and the Russkies remove the bombs and stuff. In the final scene Kevin Coster's small son is having breakfast with the family, and he says "Mommy, why is daddy crying?" Kevin Costner is crying because the whole world and mankind, as we know it, almost got blowed up. THE END. Loren Richard Klahs

3 Kings George Clooney, Marky Mark sans the funky bunch, some dude I don't remember his name and a dumb hick find a map to Saddam's gold bunker duing the end of the Iraqui war. In the process of finding the gold for themselves, they encounter a large group of Iraqi civillians that are about to be put to death for defying Saddam. George, Mark and the not so funky bunch instead give up the gold to get the civillians to safety across the Iraq/Iran border. Mistrmind

Titan A.E. The Drej Mothership blows up,then the Titan creates a new earth which Cale calls Bob. Al Gore

Titanic Jake dies in the icy water, while rose somehow survives. Old rose throws the precious stone to the water (yeah, she's the one who kept it all these years) and then she dies.

To Die For Larry's family hire a mob guy to kill Suzanne, and she's thrown under the ice field.

Tomb Raider Not much to say...she sides w/ the bad guys and goes to Siberia to look for the third piece of the triangle which will open the doors of time and space. Battle ensues, she gets the piece but ends up destroying the Triangle...along w/ the power to go back and forth thru time. She kills the bad guy, goes back to her fly mansion, where she finally decides to wear a dress, and her butler gives her her two precious guns that she uses to practice some ass-kicking with the robot. I smell sequel here... Daniel S.

Top Gun Goose dies, Iceman wins the Top Gun competion. Maverick, Ice, and a few other pilots go to a real dog fight in the pacicfic and maverick gets the girl. pretty short huh? Ramy Ramirez

Toy Story 2 Woody, Bullseye and Jessie escape being sent to Japan in a last minute rescue from the departing plane, and join Buzz and the others at Andy's house, having decided that being loved for a while by someone is better than life as a glassed-in exhibit. Stinky Pete (who was going to force them all to go with him as the complete set as no child had ever appreciated him) winds up in the hands of a particularly "artistic" girl. The new-model Buzz Lightyear bonds with his dad, Emperor Zurg. Rex, having "lived" the adventure, no longer feels compelled to finish the video game. And Wheezy the penguin is fixed. (Miss) Rori

Traffic The Tijuana story: Javier's partner Manolo (Jacob Vargas) is killed by Obregon's men when he tries to sell information to the DEA that General Salazar's working with the still-alive Madrigal to bring down the Obregon cartel. Javier (Benicio el Toro) is taken in as one of Obregon's men, but ends up telling the DEA the same things that Manolo was killed for.
The San Diego Story: Helena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) engineers the survival of her husband's business, and arranges for the assasination of Eduardo Ruiz (Miguel Ferrer) before he can testify against her husband. During the first assasination attempt, Castro (Luis Guizman) is killed in a car bomb meant to kill Ruiz. Ruiz is later killed in his hotel room, and the charges against Carlos Ayala (Steven Bauer) are dropped because Ruiz can't testify against him. Ayala, after being freed, arranges Arnie Metzger's (Dennis Quaid's) death for horning in on his business, house and wife. Gordon (Don Cheadle) breaks into the house and pretends to pick a fight so he can plant a bug under Ayala's desk.
The Cincinnati Story: After finding his daughter prostituting herself to finance her drug habit, Wakefield (Michael Douglas) breaks down during a press conference and walks away from the drug czar job. Harry Henderson

Trainspotting Mark takes the money and leaves his friends penniless.. Except for Spud, of course!

The Truman Show Truman finds out his "father" didn't really die and that the whole world watches his life, confronts his fear of water and sails away to the real world!!

True Romance Clarence and Alabama get away from the shooting, and raise their child somewhere really nice. Clarence becomes a one-eye guy, in case you're interested.

12 Monkeys The ending of this movie should be no surprise. Throughout the film we are confronted with James Cole's dream of seeing a man get shot in an airport, the film implies that this man is James, the woman Screaming is kathryn and the little boy is James as a young child. So you are left thinking, how are they gonna get out of it. Well the beauty of this film is they don't get out of it. James dies just like he is supposed to. Take that Hollywood. The good news is that the virus spreader (Dr. Goine's assistant) meets up with the female scientist from the future who is under the guise of being in insurance. She tells him that the destruction of humans is a good idea and we are left assuming that she will get on his good side so she can retrieve the antidote and bring it back with her to the future so that her people can once again live on the surface of the Earth. Brad McLean

28 Days So like Sandra Bullock has this "little drinking problem" right? She goes to her sister's wedding and has a few mishaps like falling head first into the wedding cake and crashing the Bride & Groom's limo into a house. Big Deal. Then her humorless relatives stick her in rehab. So like it's really, really gross there and she can't drink, or anything. She meets this really, really "cute guy" (Viggo M.) but whadda' ya know...he's a "sex addict!" Just when things are "heating up with Sandra and Viggo" out in the barn, Sandra has to go and have a cow or something. Like, she yells at Viggo for no good reason and he leaves her with the horses. Later when she decides to make up with Viggo, she goes to his room only to find Viggo shirtless with another girl doing it "doggie style." And then, for no good reason, guess what? Sandra Bullock is all pissed off,... "again." What's with this broad? Can't she take a joke? Then a bunch of other stuff happens like her room-mate kills herself, and she gets all "moody" and stuff. So then, like the 28 days pass and Sandra Bullock gets to go back home to her apartment in New York City, where her fiancee takes her out for "a few drinks." Here we go again, Sandra gets all "peeved" and she tells her boyfriend "It's over!" The boyfriend/fiancee seems a little annoyed with Sandra, after all she's been kind of bummed out ever since she gave up drinking. So she walks away, and he goes back to the bar to have some real fun with other groovy chicks. It is now several months later, and Sandra wanders into a "flower shop" where she finds one of the guys from the Re-Hab Center. Like he's all "crying" and tearful because he's like..."gay" and can't find a boyfriend. Also, his housplant has just died. He totally breaks down, and Sandra puts her arm around him and they leave the "flower shop" together in what could have been the start of yet another romance. Only one problem. Sandra doesn't have a dick. THE END. Loren Richard Klahs

2001: A Space Odyssey The computor HAL (voiced by Douglas Rain) makes a wrong calculation and Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood) and David Bowman (Kier Dullea) decide to shut him down. But HAL seems to posses a sense of self preservation. HAL breaks Frank's air supply and sends him flying off into deep space. Next, HAL attempts to kill David by stranding him outside the ship, but he breaks the air-lock and is sucked in. David enters the main system control room and deactivates HAL. Once he is finished, a recording plays automatically, revealing the true objective of their mission. Mankind was created by a large rectangular peice of solid metal, known as a "Monolith". The monolith awakened something inside the minds of the primitive apes mind, teaching them how to start fire, create tools, and use weapons. Scientists have found another monolith buried under the surface of the moon and now believe that the monolith may have come from the planet Jupiter. David travels to the orbit of Jupiter and is sucked into a form of time-spacial vortex. The vortex is so powerful that, after it gives David a series of dream-like vision, it turns him into a super-being, traveling the universe in a giant "bubble" of pure power. Ryan