Safe Passage Percival is found alive in the ruins of the building.

Save The Last Dance Julia falls in love with her friends brother and he helps her do her dancing during that time they get it on to. at the end she gets into juliard.

Saving Private Ryan A bunch of soldiers goes out to search for a Private Ryan during a war. As it ends up he doesn't want to go back and the leader of the troup (Tom Hanks)dies, as well as some other men. Larissa

Scarface After being shipped off from cuba to the U.S. Tony Montana (AL Pachino) meets a coulple of drug dealers and gets offered a job. After hearing how well Tony did the big drug dealer wants to meet him and his friend Manny Rivera (Steven Bauer). They get to his mansion and Tony starts to get the hots for his wife. After a couple of jobs Tony starts to gain power and kill the boss and marry his wife (Michelle Phiefer). After becoming the big boss he starts to become a mess and ends up killing Manny because he married his sister behind his back, breaks up with his wife, and dies after becoming a one army and killing half of hiss rivals men. Insane

Scary Movie Everyone Dies and Doofy runs off with tv reporter Miki

The Score Robert De Niro is enticed back into the "game" to make one last "score" by Marlon Brando. Brando needs money to pay off the mob, "or else!" Brando insists that Ed Norton help with the heist. De Niro does not trust the young upstart, and for good reason. Ed Norton plans to "keep all the money" for himself, after "the score." The score is made, (they steal some kind of French artifact from an old building in Montreal, Canada) and Ed Norton pretends to be "a retard." Ed Norton double-crosses De Niro, but in the end it turns out that Robert De Niro was "too smart" for Ed Norton, and Norton is left "holding the bag." Loren Richard Klahs

Scream And the killers are.. Billy (Sidney's boyfriend) and his wacky yet adorable friend, Stuart.

Scream 2 And the killers are.. Billy's mom (disguised as clumsy reporter Debbie Salt) and a guy that's rarely seen in the movie?! - the one who's not Derek (Sidney's current boyfriend, who by the way dies in the end) and not Andy, you know (Mickey maybe??). this time more people die, only sidney and Gale and Dewey survive the horror!

Scream 3 Jay and Silent Bob are in the movie, there is a video tape from the guy who always talked about movies and the killer is Sidney's brother. What Sidney has a brother? Of course, that's how they link it to the first one. Sidney's mom was a whore and the brother is pissed..President Clinton

Searching For Bobby Fisher Josh competes in the chess competition, and it finally comes down to him and the arrogant kid. As the two of them face off, Josh excels by incorporating the best tactics of both of his tutors. Finally stumped, Josh stares at the board until he sees victory many moves away. He offers his opponent a draw and offers to share victory. The other boy refuses and plays him to the very end. Josh leaves to find his friend Max, who is disappointed that he lost so early. Josh tells him, "Want to know a secret? You're a much stronger player than I was at your age." Michael Hutchison

se7en Mills gets his wife's head in an express delivery and then he kills John Doe (Kevin Spacey).

The Seventh Sign Jurgen Prochnow, who frolicks through the island of Dominica at the beginning (supposed to be Haiti) is actually Jesus delivering the seven signs leading up to the apocalypse. Father Lucci, the seemingly compassionate priest, is actually Cartaphilis, Pilate's gatekeeper, who struck Jesus and was cursed to walk forever until the world ended (so he wants the signs to be carried out). Prochnow doesnt want to destroy the world, but he is merely a servant of god and must obey. Of course Demi Moore, who is pregnant, is actually the virgin Mary reincarnated, and her baby is the messiah, if she can save him with hope. After deciphering the signs with the help of a young jewish student, Demi tries to save a retarded kid from the California death chamber (who killed his sibbling parents) to stop the signs, but Lucci kills him and fatally wounds Demi, but not before her baby is delivered and she pledges her life to save the kid's and the world's. Note: Demi Moore appears totally naked and pregnant in this film. Jeep Doonkins

Shakespeare in Love Gwyn actually marries the butthead who she is arranged to wed, and in the gloom of losing his true love forever, Will sits down to write the madcap comedy Twelfth Night. Go figure.Marcus Alexander Hart

The Shining Jack (Jack Nicholson) goes insane and attacks Wendy (Shelly Duvall). She knocks him out and locks him in a freezer. But the spirit of Grady (Phillip Stone) releases him. Danny (Danny Lloyd) is able to send a message to Dick Halloren (Scatman Crothers), who comes to the house to rescue the family. He is unsuccesful and Jack kills him with an ax. Wendy escapes from Jack through a window in the bathroom. Jack turns his attention to Danny, whom he chases into the garden maze. Danny tricks Jack by running blindly into the maze, retracing his steps, and hiding in the brush. Jack runs past him and Danny leaves the maze. Danny finds his mother and they escape in Dicks snow-mobile. Jack gets trapped in the maze and freezes to death. The next day, there is a new picture in the banquet room of the overlook hotel. It's a snap-shot from the New Years eve ball of 1932, and in the middle of the crowd is Jack. Ryan

Shrek Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) once had a spell cast upon her that allowed her to be a beautiful princess by day, but transformed her into an ogre by night. Shrek (Mike Myers) rejects his feelings for her and delivers her to Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) so they can be married. Donkey (Eddie Murphy), however, is able to convince Shrek to do the right thing. Shrek burts into the church, only to be humiliated by Farquaad in front of the townspeople. Fiona realises she loves Shrek as the sunset approaches, and shows him her true form. Farquaad is sent into an outrage, claiming the kingdom for his own and ordering that both Shrek and Fiona be arrested. Suddenly, Donkey and the Drogan burst into the church. The Dragon eats Farquaad. The releived kingdom set Shrek and Fiona free. Fiona, now free of the spell since she has found her true love, remains an ogre and marries Shrek. Shrek all of the sudden, grows a heart and invites both the town and the fairy tale creatures to ! his wedding, where Donkey and the seven dwarves perform an interesting rendition of "Daydream Beleiver". Ryan

The Silence Of The Lambs In the end of the movie, Hannibal Lecter breaks free and plans to have someone for dinner..

A Simple Plan Billy-Bob and Bill Paxton kill the other guy, and then Billy-Bob forces Paxton to shoot him too. And when all is said and done, Paxton and his weird teeth end up burning all of the money like he said he was going to do all along, leaving him and his bratty wife to live forever in the ironic misery of the same lives that had made them so happy before.Marcus Alexander Hart

The 6th Day Arnold finds out he's been cloned, and is marked for assassination by assassins who gets killed over and over again. Arnold discovers that he's really the clone, and not the guy who's living in his house. At the end, there's 2 Arnold's fighting the bad guys, and they blow up the cloning building with all the bad guys. Ron Barmapov

The Sixth Sense It turns out that Bruce Willis was killed in the beginning of the movie, and he's actually a ghost for the rest of the film. christine

Sliding Doors Short-haired Helen dies, Long-haired helen puts an end to her relationship with ugly brit-boy, and meets James in the elevator.. again... by the way, James didn't cheat on short-haired Helen, he was kissing his soon-to-be-ex only for his mother's sake.

So, I Married an Axe Murderer It turns out Rose has been killing all of Harriet's husbands and leaving notes for Harriet saying that they're leaving her. Of course, she is caught this time, and Charlie and Harriet live happily ever after. Sarah

South Park During the USO show for the US troops, the Canadians attack, as the kids try to rescue Terrance and Phillip. Cartman gets shocked, which screws up his V-chip in his head. Stan finds the clitoris, who tells him to help stop the war. Satan and Saddam Hussein begin Armageddon, but whenever Cartman curses the V-chip shoots electricity at Saddam Hussein. Satan throws him back into hell. Kenny gets to go to heaven, all those who died in the war are revived, and everyone is happy. Alex

Space Cowboys It turns out the Russian Satellite is full of nuclear missiles. One of the young astronauts accidentally starts the launch sequence. Hawk (Tommy Lee Jones) has to ride the satellite away from the Earth and it crashes on the moon. The movie ends with a shot of Hawks spacesuit lying on the moon looking at the earth. Everyone else survives. Luckydog

The Spanish Prisoner The main character, Joseph, invents a process to make millions of dollars. Everyone wants to scam it away from him, including Steve Martin's character. When he goes to the FBI, they turn out to be fakes. In the end he discovers that the whole time he had been watched over by 2 US Marshals. He (and the movie viewer) never notices them because they pose as japanese tourists. jon

Spartacus The rebellion is squashed by the Romans. When told that they will be spared if they turn over their leader, Spartacus, everyone claims to be him. All slaves are crucified except for Spartacus and his buddy. Spartacus kills his friend in order to spare him the pain. Spartacus' wife is given her freedom by a kind member of the Senate. As she is being driven from the city, she sees her crucified husband. Showing him their newborn baby, she says, "This is your son. Your son is free!" Michael Hutchison

Stand and Deliver All 18 of the kids suspected of cheating pass, and a graphic at the bottom informs the reader that more and more kids passed the advanced placement tests every year since 1982. The math teacher lets loose with a little punch in the air. Michael Hutchison

Star Trek: Insurrection The aging crew of the Enterprise-E help the pretty, perfect, not-never-hurtin'-no-nobody colonists save their utopian planet from the ugly-ass, nasty-face, hard-core evil skin stretching freaks. Cripes, did you really need a spoiler page to tell you how this one was going to end?Marcus Alexander Hart

Star Wars: A New Hope Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guiness) shuts down the tractor beam while Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammil) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) free Princess Liea (Carrie Fisher). Han, Liea, and Luke are reunited with R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) and C3P-0, but are unable to save Obi-Wan, who is killed by Darth Vader (David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones). They escape to Yavin Four and are told how to destroy the Daeth Star. There is an exhaust Port in a surface trench that leads to the inner systems. Han leaves to pay off his debts and Luke flies with the attack force against the Death Star, but the squad is almost wiped out by Vader and his fighters. Vader locks in his sights on Luke, but is stopped by Han in the Millenium Falcon, who has returned after being struck by his consiance. Han destroys the enemy crafts and sends Vader's craft flying uncontrollably into space. Luke destroys the Death Star and they retreat to Yavin. There, Han, Luke, and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) are honored with medals. Ryan

Star Wars: Episode 1 Anakin Skywalker is to be trained as a Jedi Knight. Qui Gon is killed by Darth Maul. Obi Wan kills Darth Maul after seeing his Master murdered. It looks cool, Obi is hanging off the side of a long drop-off... he uses the force to grab Qui Gon's lightsaber while jumping over Maul and then CHOPS HIM IN HALF!!! Palpatine is Darth Sidious. Amidala clearly has a thing for YOUNG ANAKIN. Pedophile! In Episode 2, Anakin is a lot older, Obi Wan is his master and Amidala and Anakin fall madly in love. It ends with Amidala and Anakin getting married. How do I know this? because I read the screenplay. MEDIA JACKAL OUT! MediaJackal

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Lando Callrisian (Billy Dee Williams) gives in to Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) and freezes Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in carbonite. Han is then given to the bounty hunter Boba Fett to be delivered to Jabba the Hutt, whom Han owes substantial debts to. Princess Liea (Carrie Fisher) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) have been told they will remain on Bespin, but Vader decides to take them with him instead. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammil) leaves his training with Yoda (Frank Oz) and heads out to save his friends. Luke arrives and his attacked by Vader, who cuts of Luke's hand. Luke is prepared to die, but first Vader gives Luke a little information. Darth Vader didn't kill Luke's father Anikin. Vader IS Anikin, Luke's father. Luke, heartbroken, throws himself down a work shaft and is trapped, hangin miles above the planet. Liead, Chewie and Lando escape from the city, but Liea is sent a message from Luke, and they return to save him. Luke recieves a new, robotic, hand, and Lando leaves with Chewie aboard the Millenium Falcon in the hope to find and rescue Han. Ryan

Starship Troopers The first half an hour they show some teens and their recruitement in a future army of earth. (skip the first 45 minutes to be sure) After that they kill a billion bugs on a lonely planet. And then they all shoot and you see blood and gutter all around. End is that they kill a "queen" bug and save the babe who was captured by it. dive242

Stigmata During the scene, where first stigmas appear on the wrists of the main character, while she sits in the bath tub watching the misterious dove flying away; just a few seconds before the actual event takes place (spoiler is so obvious!)you can see stigmas ALREADY on the wrists of the actress! They, according to the folowing spirit atack, apear AFTER it...Such a beautiful, spiritual movie, but what a bummer! It kills all the charms of it :( Jafar Kuliyev

Street Fighter Guile (jean claude van damme) and his military squad save the day. the other fighters settle there disputes with General Bisons(raul julia) men and help guiles solders rescue the hostages. Dee Jay and Sagat steal suitcase full of cash when later on find out they are double crossed with counterfeit cash with bisons face on. the other fighters think guile is dead when the detonator goes off destroying bisons complex but guile survives and says he needs a vacation. Its all a happy ending but u think twice after the credits roll Bision is still alive. David King

Superman Superman struggles and struggles to catch up to one of the two nuclear warheads and throws it into space. The other one goes off. There is much devastation, and Lois Lane dies. Grief-stricken, Superman turns back time by racing around the globe backwards with such speed that if he'd just gone that fast after the missiles there wouldn't BE a problem. He then lands by Lois, who is now not in any danger of an upcoming earthquake for some reason. Lex Luthor goes to jail and takes his hair off. Michael Hutchison

Superman II Superman reverses the molecular chamber so that it is the Kryptonians outside who are changed into regular humans. (For some reason, the previously excruciating process goes unnoticed by the Phantom Zone criminals.) Their powers gone, the Zone escapees fall to their deaths in the misty depths of the Fortress of Solitude (or, if you're watching the special version, you can see them being led away to jail by the arctic police). Superman then wipes away very precise bits of Lois Lane's memory by kissing her, so that she doesn't remember learning Superman's secret identity and then shacking up. This leaves her completely baffled when she's "late" the following month. (Okay, that last bit didn't happen.) Michael Hutchison

Superman III Superman blows up the computer. Michael Hutchison

Superman IV: Quest For Peace Superman defeats Nuclear Man and puts Lex Luthor back in prison. Michael Hutchison

Swordfish Gabriel IS still alive, as is Ginger, and the two are together in Monte Carlo. There, they take the money from the account and use it to start an anti-terrorism war by killing an Arab terrorist who bombed the U.S. embassy in Istanbul. Ryan