Rat Race A lot happens but the basic is they end up getting the money and they all split it but they soon realise they are on the stage of a smash mouthe concert and it is for Feed the world foundation. So they decide to give all the needy kids the money. Only at first Seth Green does not want to but his brother talks him into it by saying "What would mom do?" So he puts his share in the bag.We next see John Cleese come with his crew and then Brecken Meyor says it was all his work and he deserves full credit so they are all happy now. As the end credits roll we hear smash mouth's song All star play and the cast is all jumping into the mosh pit. Matthew Malouf

The Real Blonde Mary and Joe get back together and live happily ever after. Bob and Sahara end up together, as well.

Red Planet Gallhager (Val Kilmer) and Quinn (Tom Sizemore) discover that there is life on Mars. The planet is populated by small insectile creatures that exhale oxygen. That is why they can breath. Quinn is critically injured by the robot and dies, but not before setting off an explosion that kills the insects and slowly destroys the atmosphere. Gallagher is left stuck on Mars. He finds an old Russian probe he can use in order to fly back to the ship stuck in orbit with Kate (Carrie-Anne Moss). But he is attacked by the robot. After a little trickery, he kills the robot and makes it to the ship. He and Kate decide to tell the earth scientists about the creatures in order to save earth. Oh yeah, and they have lots of sex on the way back. Ryan

Reservoir Dogs Mr Oroange (Tim Roth) is actually an undercover cop named Freddy Newendyke. Freddie was shot by a civilian when Mr. White/a.k.a. Larry (Harvey Kietel) stole her car. Freddie shot and killed her without thinking. Mr Brown (Quentin Tarantino) is shot in the head by the police, but still ,somehow, drives the getaway car for a while. Mr. Pink escaped the store with the diamonds. Pink, White, & Nice Guy Eddie (Chris Penn) leave to retrieve them and leave Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) with Freddy and the hostage cop Marvin. Blonde goes crazy, cuts off the cops ear, and is killed by Freddy. Pink, White, & Eddie return and kill the cop. Then Joe shows up, revealing who Freddy is. But White refuses to beleive him. There is a big shoot out which results in the deaths of Joe and Eddie. White and Freddy get hurt pretty bad. Freddy reveals himself to White, who takes it badly and shoots Freddy in the head. Pink tries to escape with the diamonds, but is shot and captured by the pol! ice, who then enter the warehouse and kill White. Ryan

Rush Hour 2 (Zhang Ziyi) A member of the Triyad Gang opens the movie bombing an American Embassy and killing two US Customs Agents. Agent Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective Carter (Chris Tucker) are in China and Lee gets Carter to come with him to a "big party" which turns out to be mob bar then a massage parlor that turns out to be a crimelords hangout. Carter and Lee both get to a yacht that isnt called the SS minow Johnson. They get in trouble with the FBI and both go to Los Angeles. Carter and Lee "follow the rich white guy" and Ricky Tan (the other main bad guy) and get themselves to Las Vegas and the Red Dragon Casino. "the rich white guy gets stabbed by Tan" and Lee "accidently" has Tan fall and die "trying to catch a cab" and (Jackie Chan) Lee gets a bye and thanks kiss from Undercover Secret Service Agent Rosalyn Sanchez and him and Carter go away to NY for vacation. pj

Rushmore Mr. Blume ends up with Miss Cross, Max ends up with Margaret Yang. And despite the fact that they have been dueling to the pain for Miss Cross for the whole movie, everybody seems to live happily ever after.Marcus Alexander Hart