The Patriot Heath Leadgers DIES!!!!!! and so does Mel Gibsons other son HEHE HE. Mel gibson massacres a whole army with a hammer. wilsonl

Pay It Forward Trevor (Haley Joel Osment) defendes his friend from some bullies, but is stabbed in the process and dies not long after.

Pearl Harbor After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Colonel Dolittle (Alec Baldwin) leads a bombing raid on Tokyo. Danny (Josh Hertnett) and Raife (Ben Afflek) are chosen to pilot bombers in the attack. Before leaving, Raife confronts Evelyn (Kate Beckinsale) and asks her why she left him for Danny. She tells Raife that she is pregnant with Danny's son. The bombing is succesful in destroying Japanese weapon factories, but two of the planes run out of fuel and crash in Japanese occupied China. Danny is captured, but Raife kills the Japanese soldiers holding him. He runs out of bullets and is fired upon by the Japanese, but Danny steps in front of him and is shot in his place. Danny dies, but the others are rescued by Chinese soldiers. Raife returns to Pearl Harbor and steps in to raise the child for Danny. They name the boy after his real father. Ryan

The Perfect Storm In the end mark walberg and George clooney and all the other other fisherman die at sea. They have a big funeral and walbergs girlfriend says she still dreams of him.

The Phantom It turns out that the last of the mystic skulls is the one in the Phantom's ring. Michael Hutchison

Phantom Menace Liam Neeson gets stabbed and the dude with the freaky makeup gets cut in half. Obi-Wan stupidly decides to train Darth Vader. Disguised as a kindly old man who loves his planet and everybody, the future evil emperor becomes leader of the Senate. Unfortunately, Jar Jar "Meesa bein back for the sequel" Binks lives....Russell

Pitch Black OK. Everyone except Vin Diesel, the black religious guy, and the kid die. Even the main character. Oh, by the way, that kid who appears to be a boy is actually a girl, and the police officer is just a bounty hunter looking for extra dough. Vin Diesel never hurts anyone except the bounty hunter, but he doesn't kill him. Mac The Movieguy

Planet of the Apes Taylor (Charlton Heston) escapes the city with the help of Cornelius (Roddy McDowell) and Zira (Kim Hunter). They travel to Cornelius's archeological site in the forbidden zone, where he claims he has found proof that primitive man was once an intellegant creature. They are followed by Dr. Zaius (Maurice Evans) and a group of armed gorilla's. There is a short fight that ends with the capture of Zaius by Taylor. They all enter the cave where they find several artifacts, including eye glasses and a replacement heart-valve. Zaius refuses to beleive that any if this is definitive until they find a baby doll that makes talking sounds. Zaius reveals that he has known all along that man was once an intellegant beiong, but they squandered what they had and destroyed their civilization. Taylor and Nova (Linda Harrison) leave the apes and travel down the shore, where they find the crumbling remnants of the statue of liberty, washed ashore. Taylor figures it all out. He has landed on earth, decimated by war 2,000 years in the future. Ryan

Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton) Leo recovers equipment from his pod that allow him to find his ship. He finds it burried and activates a recording that reveals his ship crashed looking for him. His shipmates never find him because he gets punched forward in time. In the past the apes led by the teacher's-pet-ape Semos, and apes take over and build the society Leo arrives in. Thade tries to kill everyone and cover it up, but Leo manages to lock him in the ship. Leo leaves in another pod that was piloted by a chimp. emmette

The Presidio A military policewoman is fatally shot while investigating a break-in at the Presidio, an army base in San Francisco. Sean Connery is the provost marshall in charge of the military investigation, while Mark Harmon, formerly an MP under Connery's command, is a San Francisco PD inspector who knew the slain MP. Connery and Harmon hate each other, they quarrel through most of the film, during which Harmon beds Meg Ryan (Connery's daughter) and Connery pals around with his war buddy Jack Warden. Turns out the major who got Harmon in trouble during his MP days is involved with the murder, but is killed before any associations can be made. Finally, in the last twenty minutes of the seemingly endless film, we learn that Mark Blum, a wealthy businessman and former CIA provincial advisor in Vietnam, was using his water delivery business to smuggle diamonds from the Philippines and one of his workers accidentally delivered a water bottle filled with gems to the Presidio officers club and the MP was killed by the major while retrieving the parcel. Furthermore, the major was blackmailing Jack Warden into helping him with the scheme, but his conscience prevails and he throws in the towel, and is then killed, but Connery and Harmon blast up the water warehouse real good and kill all the bad guys and live happily ever after in this more appropriate for television bore. Nester Feldkirsch

Primal Fear ed norton(the defendant) comes out to be innocent and is sent to a mental institution because he plead insane. he talks to his lawyor one more time after the trial and showed him that he doesnt have 2 personalities he just acted the innocent little quire boy one out! Nate

The Prince of Egypt Moses leads his people to the promised land through the split Red Sea and smooshes up all of Ramses' troops. The really bizarre thing, however, is that Ramses himself doesn't get killed. He just gets thrown ashore and looks really sad. Hmmm, I'll bet they just wanted to keep it open for a sequel...Marcus Alexander Hart

psycho It turns out that norman bates was doing all the killing, he would dress up as his mother (he has split persanality). jarrett macdonald

Pulp Fiction Okay, this is tough since the movie is done out of sequence, so I'll try and arrange it. Vince Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winfield (Sam Jackson) kill the baddies, retrieve the case with the unrevealed contents (There is a rumor that the suitcase supposedly contained Marcellus's soul, but it was denied by Tarantino) and escape. They succeed in disposing of Marvin's body. They also foil Honeybunny and Pumpkin's attempt to rob the coffee shop. Vince save's Mia (Uma Thurman) from overdosing. Then, Vince is hired to kill Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) after he failed to throw the boxing match and killed his opponent. Butch elludes Vince and kills him with his own gun. Butch runs into Marcellus himself while trying to escape. The two almost kill eachother, but are captured by two homosexual rednecks. Butch escapes them, but rather than fleeing, helps save Marcellus. In return, Marcellus frees Butch, but tells him never to return to L.A. Butch agree's, picks up his girlfriend, and leaves. Ryan