Never Been Kissed Josie becomes cool when her brother Rob enrolls to hook up with the baseball team. He gets a coaching job instead and she hooks up with er English Teacher who Kisses her on a baseball field. Leslie W

The Neverending Story Bastian realizes that he is the human brought to Fantasia to rescue it because he has been reading the story of Atreyu's efforts to find just that person. By giving the Childlike Empress the new name (Moon Child) she needs to live (and thus for the kingdom to live), he is transported there himself and is able to restore Fantasia and its inhabitants through wishes before returning home. (Miss) Rori

Next Friday Craig and his cousin and friend are trying to steal some money from a group of Latino's so they can save Craigs uncles house from being taken by the IRS. They get the money Craig is then confronted by Debo and an a partner they end up kicking both of their asses and save the day. Since Craig was to live with his uncle because of Debo being escaping from jail Craig descides to go back home. jerry

Next Stop Wonderland Alan doesn't kill the fish, he takes it home instead. At the end of the movie, Alan and Erin finally meet eachother on the train.