Mallrats T.S. (Jeremy London) and Brodie (Jason Lee) sneak onto the game show, disguised as contestants. There, T.S. proposes to Brandi (Clair Forlani), who accepts. Inspired by his best friends display of true love (and a little help from comic book legend Stan Lee), Brodie attempts to win Rene (Shannon Doherty) back from Shannon (Ben Afflek), the butt-loving store manager. Brodie gets Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) to wire a V.C.R. into the game shows video monitor system. Through this, they play a video of Shannon having sex with the under-aged Trisha. The cops arrest Shannon, and Brodie is reunited with Rene. Then, he is confronted by the network executives who were attending the show. They dump the show, but offer Brodie the chance to host the "Tonight Show". He accepts, and Rene becomes his band leader. T.S. weds Brandi at Universal Studio's, Florida. Trisha's book on the sex-drive of modern men becomes a best-seller and a movie is made of it. Shannon turns gay in Prison. Willem eventually see's the hidden image in the "magic eye" picture. Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (and a chimpanzee named Suzanne) walk of into the sunset (setting the stage for their next movie "Chasing Amy"). Ryan

Man on the Moon As actually happened, Andy Kaufman dies of a rare lung cancer at the end...but in the final scene set one year later one of his characters, Tony Clifton (who always denied being one-and-the-same with Andy) is seen performing - and the person who shared the role with Andy, Bob Zmuda, is only watching this performance, leaving it up in the air as to who it could really be, as per the urban legend that Andy faked his death. (Miss) Rori

Mars Attacks! The secret to defeating the aliens - Slim Whitman records, since the high notes shatter the aliens' helmets - is accidentally discovered when Richie goes to rescue his grandma. The only other major characters who survive are the President's daughter, Byron and Louise, Barbara Land, and Tom Jones. (Miss) Rori

The Matrix Neo shoots into the Agent dude and rips him apart and comes back alive because he's "The One". Jackaz

Me, Myself & Irene Charlie and Irene get back to Rhode Island with all the police and bad guys looking for them. Dicky kidnaps Irene and after Charlie and Hank find him, Charlie convinces Hank that he needs to confront Dicky and gets rid of Hank permanently. Whitey then kills Dicky and Charlie and Irene get married Alex

Memento Great Movie. This movie is told from backwards forward. Basically it is about Leonard (Guy Pierce) who has a very short term memory and relies on notes, photographs, and tattoos to help him find the rapist and killer of his wife. It's hard to tell you the story the way the movie shows it because it is flashback after flashback after flashback. Here's what happens: Leonard actually kills the rapist of his wife years before the action we witness. He was guided by a cop, Teddy who helped him track down the killer whose initials are J.G. Teddy's real initials are J.G also. Teddy sets up this drug dealer, Jimmy Grantz for Leonard to kill by mistake. After killing him, Teddy tells him that he actually killed the rapist years ago and that his wife (who is diabetic) has died due to insulin overdose (He was the reason why it happened). Because he has short term memory, he takes out the picture of Teddy and writes on the back "Don't trust his lies" and he burns the evidence that Jimmy G. was killed by him. As his memory fades, he targets Teddy for murder and is helped by spurn lover, Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss) into killing Teddy. The funny thing is that we see Teddy die a minute into the movie and we go backwards from there. Brian 'Ebert' Lee

Men of Honor Cuba Gooding jr makes the rank of master diver overcoming all obsticals at the end his legs are taken out while he saves 2 sailors Mark Smith

Mikey Mikey kills everyone except Jesse and Ben. He runs away and is found later, but is thought to be another boy. He gets away with it and EVIL PREVAILS!

Mission to Mars Tim Robbins commits suicide. Tim Robbin's wife, the black guy and Gary Sinise go inside the big face and discover the meaning of life is to colonize other planets as the original Martians did to Earth. Gary Sinise stays behind to go to the next planet while the other two go back to their space ship and they all live happily ever after. Alex

Modern Vampires After making a deal with van helsing. Dallas(casper van dien) decides to take him to Dracula but they get ambushed and van helsing and Nico (natasha gregson wagner) get kidnapped at the hellfire club by the count.the gang members who worked for the van helsing transform into vampires after they sleep with one (earlier in the movie)Dallas becomes good buddies with then and they Rescue nico and van helsing the gangmembers kill Dracula Dallas transforms rachel(natasha lyonne) into a vampire to save her life (also earlier in the movie)where Dallas Nico and Rachel leave the hellfire club while van helsing goes to a group of cops searching for help when he too transforms into a vampire as well. David King

Monty Python's Holy Grail The Holy Grail turns out to be in another castle owned by the French Taunters. Arthur's army rushes the castle, but Arthur is arrested by the police for the murder of the elderly narrator earlier in the film. The police tell the army to disperse and then assault the camera man. Michael Hutchison

Monty Python's Life of Brian Brian is crucified and misses his pardon because he was talking. Michael Hutchison

Mother's Boys Jude (Jamie Lee Curtis) falls off the cliff and dies.

The Mummy Returns OK the deaths: The Rock dies (twice), Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep dies at the end, Patricia Velasquez dies in a sea of those black bug things, and Rachel Weisz dies. But fortunately, her 8 year old son can read egyptian and reincarnates her by reading something out of an old book. Brendan Fraser kills the Rock at the end and prevents the army of hell from coming to earth and killing everyone. Mac The Movieguy

Moulin Rouge The duke tires to kill Cjristian (Ewan McGregor) but fails.Satin (Nicole Kidman)reveals her true love for Chritian then because of her health dies of comsumption. Christian returns home and wirtes a book about his experiences at the Moulin Rouge. Matthew Malouf