Movie Spoilers: The Entire List!

A.I. Cybertronics creates a robot who can love and sells it (david) to a family who has a son but is frozen cause hes in a coma. Monica (mom in family) finally accepts David and programs him to love them, then Martin (son that was in coma)wakes up and is unfrozen. Martin makes david do stuff which makes monica take david and leave him in the forest. He gets picked up by poeple who hate robots. Grabs another robot named Joe and escapes. They go to a city named rouge. They ask a computer where the blue fairy lives so that it can make david into a real boy. The computer says it lives in mannhatten. David and joe go to mannhatten. Joe gets cuaght by police. David Goes in a submarine to coney island which at the time is under water. Parks the submarine in front of a statue of the blue fairy. Says "Will you please make me into a real boy?" over and over, for 2,000 years. Water freezes. Aliens came and unfreeze david, and look at his memory. They create a home for him and bring monica back for a day. At the end of the day monica dies, david cries and then falls asleep. Miki

Alien After being exposed to the face hugger, Kane dies having a baby alien rip through his stomach in a disturbing scene. The rest of the crew (Dallas, Ripley, Brett, Parker, Lambert, Ash) decide to hunt it down and kill it. But soon Brett is killed. Then Dallas goes through a heating duct only to be captured by the alien. Soon Ash snaps and Parker bashes his head in and we find out he's an android. Parker and Lambert get supplies when the alien finds them. Parker tries to stop but is killed. Lambert panics and is killed as well. With Ripley by herself she grabs the cat and gets onto the escape ship. The bigger ship explodes in a very cool sequence. Alone on the escape pod, the Alien attacks her. She shoots it out and uses the engines to blow into space. hugh jass

American Beauty Colonel Frank Fitz (Chris Cooper) finds a tape that his son Ricky took of Lester (Kevin Spacey) working out in the nude. Ricky took it because he thought it was bizarre, but Frank thinks his son is gay. He later witnesses Ricky with Lester. Ricky is rolling a joint for Lester, who is lying on a couch, but from Franks point of view, Ricky seems to be going down on Lester. Ricky returns home and is attacked by Frank who accuses him of being gay. Seeing his chance to leave for good, Ricky says that he is and Frank kicks him out. Frank leaves and goes to get Jane (Thora Birch) and she agrees to go to New York with him. Angela (Mena Suvari) and Jane argue and Ricky makes her see that she is a normal person who is completely ordinary. Meanwhile, Carolyn (Annette Benning) is returning home. Lester caught her cheating on him. Seeing that she has nothing to use against him, she decides the only way out is to shoot him. Lester is working in the garage, when he is confronted ! by Frank. Frank attempts to kiss him, but Lester shoots him down. Frank leaves. Lester goes into the house, where he finds Angela crying her eyes out. At first, he tries to comfort her, but soon they are on the couch, about to have sex. Suddenly, Lester realises how dumb his actions are, and stops. He decides to hold a decent conversation with her. It works. Angela goes to the bathroom. Lester sits in the kitchen, looking at a picture of his family. He smiles as a gun is pointed at the back of his head. The camera pans away and we hear a gunshot. Then we see blood spray on the wall. Ricky and Jane come downstairs and see Lester lying dead on the counter. There is a voiceover. We realise that the Lester who has been narrating the movie was his voice from beyond the grave. Now Lester talks about how death feels, and of how he misses his family. We see Carolyn run into her bedroom. She has obviously seen Lester's body. She throws her gun away and begins to cry. She apparently, ! will recieve the blame. Then we see Frank in his study. His whi! te shirt is covered in blood and there is a gun missing from his display. He is the one who killed Lester. As the movie ends, Lester leaves us with these words: "You have no idea what I'm talking about. But don't worry. You will." Ryan

American History X Daniel Vinyard has to write a paper about his brother Derek, a former skinhead leader who has been parolled from serving 3 years for murder. After telling his moving story of why he decided to leave the skinheads and wants Danny to leave as well, Derek agrees to talk to the other skinheads about why they should leave as well. It seems like it is going to be a happy ending had by all until the very end when Danny is shot and killed by a black gang member that he had insulted earlier in the film. Jennifer Davis

American Pie well those horney little boys finally get laid. 1 of them has ity off with stifflers mom on a pool table another with his girlfriend and 1 with a band player... of course ther is one left that falls in love and decides to wait to get laid... bad choice i say. well enjoy the movie it is a laugh. michael joyce

America's Sweethearts Julia Roberts plays the "plain jane" and "formerly obese" sister of the "beautiful and georgeous" Catherine Zeta-Jones. It seems that Catherine Zeta-Jones and her on-screen lover, and off-screen husband (John Cusack) can't stand each other. Yet, to keep the movie-going public interested in their new project, Cusack and Zeta-Jones must (for convenience sake) "pretend" to still be an "item." Problems arise when Cusack falls in love with Julia Roberts, and Zeta-Jones falls in love with herself. Enter, Billy Crystal (who coincidentally wrote this movie.) And then, the 'comedy schtick' (...and I do mean 'schtick') begins. For instance, A big dog continually sniffs out Billy Crystal's crotch and humps his leg. A bewildered Julia Roberts finding Billy and the dog in this compromising situation retorts with "...Should I leave you two alone?" (Pause for 'big giant guffaws from audience'.) And then there is that almost 'rated R' scene where Billy Crystal "inadvertent! ly" lets a video tape fall into the hands of a local newsroom, where it "appears" that John Cusack is furiously masterbating in the weeds, while he is trying to get a glimpse of Catherine Zeta-Jones (peeping Tom style) through her bedroom window, .... and many more bits of comedy that beg for 'canned laughter.' In the end, all's well that end's well. A "movie within the movie" turns out to be a "documentary-of-sorts" that Christopher Walken haphazardly put together at the last minute to show "...What Actors Are Really Like Behind All Of That Make-up. The critics love it! The studio boss is ecstatic! And guess what? Julia Roberts, "the plain jane and formerly obese" sister of the "beautiful and georgeous" Catherine Zeta-Jones, gets the "man of her dreams" (ie: John Cusack.) NOTE: He was really in love with her all the time, even when she was a big fat pig! Loren Richard Klahs

Angel Eyes OK. So J.Lo falls in love with Jim Caveziel who is actually some guy she saved a year ago from a car accident in which his wife and child died. Of course he blocked that out of his memory and changed his name, just tried to live a normal life. They get together at the end, probably for good. Mac The Movieguy

The Animal A bird hunter is attacked and mauled and the town blames Marvin (Rob Schnieder), whom they chase into the forest. There, he finds Dr.Wilder (Michael Canton), who tells him that he is not the creature that attached the hunter, but there is another person in the woods who has undergone the same experiment. They are resposible. During the chase, you are found guessing who it could be. There are hints which ellude to Marvin's friend Fatty (Louis Lombardi), Chief Wilson (Ed Asner), and Dr. Wilder himself. But in the end we find out that it is Marvin's girlfriend Rianna (Colleen Haskell) who is the creature. Apparently she underwent the procedure sometime during the year she spent living in a redwood tree in order to prevent its destruction. She saves Marvin from Sgt. Sisk (John C. McGinley) and then explains that she attacked the hunter because he was trying to kill Molly, the baby turkey vulture. They reconcile, but then are attacked by a mob (members of which include ! Norm MacDonald as a talkitive lumberjack and Adam Sandler doing a parody of Schneider's "You can do it!" cajun character from "The Waterboy".). As the mob approaches, Marvin's friend Miles (Guy Torry) takes the blame for his friend. The mob decides to let him off since he is black ("I ain't takin' part in a mob to kill a black guy, I'll tell ya that!" says MacDonald). A year later, Marvin and Rianna are married, have founded a wildlife preserve, and have two man-imal children. Dr. Wilder has won the nobel prize and is marrying Yolanda, the badger-milk girl (Who has also undergone the trans-species-ectomy.). Ryan

Arlington Road In one of the most shockingly bleak, downbeat endings of any movie since The Parallax View (1974), Michael Farady (Jeff Bridges) discovers that his fears of his next-door neighbor Oliver Lang (Tim Robbins) of being a terrorist bomber are true. Farady thinks that Lang and his conspirators are going to drive a delivery van full of explosives into the FBI headquarters building in downtown Washington D.C. After a long, panic-stricken car chase through the streets, Farady catches up to the delivery van entering the building parking garage only to discover (way too late) that it's a different van entering the building and the bomb is not in the van, but in the trunk of his rental car! The delivery man/telephone repairman conspirator denotates the bomb from his van a short distance away in which the FBI building is destroyed, killing Farady and hundreds of others. Months later after a long investgation into the bombing, it is announced that Farady bombed the FBI building for his own insane reasons, thanks to some damaging testomony from Lang's co-conspirators as well as Farady's son Grant (his mind poisoned against his father by stories from Lang) and that like the other bombings of St. Louis and Oklahoma City, no evidence has been found of any conspiracy. Farady was the lone bomber. Case closed. Lang thanks his conspirators and co-conspirators on yet another job well done as he and his co-conspiritor wife plan to move to another city to meet with their next group of conspirators to slowly plan their next terrorist act completely undisturbed. Matthew Patay

Armageddon Harry (bruce willis) sets the bomb (in order to destroy the asteroid), and, being located on the asteroid, dies. you can relax, though, most of the crew comes back home in one piece.

Army of Darkness Ash (Bruce Campbell) says the words and returns to the present to continue to fight the living undead and woo the women in his local S-Mart... that is, unless you are watching the alternate version... Marcus Alexander Hart

Army of Darkness (alternate) Ash (Bruce Campbell) says goodbye to those in the kingdom and attempts to return home with a magic potion. He must swallow 6 drops and then say the magic words. Each drop will allow him to sleep a century. Ash is distracted however, and swallows 7 after loosing count. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a post apocalyptic London, decimated after war and with no one left alive. Faced with this new world, Ash goes insane. Ryan

Back to the Future Marty goes back to 1955 when his parents first meet. After alot of unimportant stuff, he ends up changing the time line so that he family is better off when he gets back to 1985. Larissa

Back to the Future Part II Although Marty and Doc manage to correct the 1985 timeline that the 2015 Biff altered by returning to 1955 themselves, Marty is stranded in 1955 when lightning strikes the DeLorean, which vanishes - and Doc with it, since he was inside. But Marty immediately afterward receives a letter from Doc dated 1885, which means he's still alive but at an earlier time - thus setting the stage for the third film. (Miss) Rori

Backdraft Brian (William Baldwin) and Stephen (Kurt Russell) figure out that fellow firefighter John "Axe" Adcox (Scott Glenn) is the one behind the firs. But before they can confront him, they are all called to a wherehouse fire. They talk to him on the roof. Axe tells them that he found out that Alderman Marty Swayzak (J.T. Walsh) and the others who have all been killed were shutting down firehouses and cutting back funding in an effort to gain more money, resulting in numerous deaths of firemen. Axe and Stephen fight for a little while, but then stop and resolve. Brian shows up and the three realise that Axe is not at fault, but the Alderman is. Before they can escape though, the roof caves in and all three fall into the building. Axe is killed and Stephen severely wounded. Sensing the need for courage, Brian succesfully puts the fire out. Brian and Stephen finally work out their differences, but Stephen dies on the way to the hospital. The next day, all the firemen in th! e city gather for the double funeral of Axe Stephen. Brian gives the info to Detective Donald "Shadow" Rimgale, who arrests Swayzak. Brian decides to carry on the family tradition and takes his brother's and father's place as a firefighter. Ryan

Barry Lyndon Barry Lyndon (Ryan O'neall) abuses hos step-son Lord Bullingdon (Leon Vitalli) too much, and he leaves the family. Barry and his wife (Marisa Berenson) have a child of their own, but he is killed while riding a horse. Barry grows depressed, and falls into debt. Seeing no way out, he contacts Bullington and asks for help. They make a deal. The two of them shall duel. If Barry wins, he can have all the money he needs. If he looses, he must leave, and will be paid 500 pounds a month to never come back. At the duel, Bullington wins the toss and is awarded the first shot. His guns misfires though, and Barry is given the turn. He purposely fires away, and Bullington is given another shot. Bullington is a bad shot though, and hits Barry in the leg. This does win him the bet though, and Barry leaves the country after his leg becomes infected and is amputated. He heads to the continent where he attempts to make a living as a gambler. He is unsuccesful and disappears, never to be seen again. Ryan

Batman Batman kills a bunch of henchmen (boo! Batman doesn't kill!) and then faces off against the Joker. Joker escapes on a helicopter's rope ladder...but Batman throws a rope around Joker's ankle. Joker falls to his death. The city debuts its Bat-signal for contacting Batman. Michael Hutchison

Batman and Robin This is just like the last movie, except with even more spinning lights and butt shots. The three heroes have to fight three villains while nine other principal players try to get in their stories as well. There's a big motorcycle race that has nothing to do with anything. Mr. Freeze is saddled with a lot of lame quips while Poison Ivy blows pollen at people again and again and again. Alfred is near death and steals the plot from "Max Headroom". Computer whiz Barbara hacks into Batman's files by stabbing at the keyboard a finger at a time. This goes on for another three hours, until Freeze and Ivy are caught and put in the same Asylum room even though they're not the same gender and need different temperatures to survive. As the credits roll, you realize two things: that the Smashing Pumpkins song is the movie's high point, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar is the best actor with the deepest character in the whole film(!). Michael Hutchison

Batman Forever Riddler and Two-Face discover Batman's secret, so we know they're in trouble. Batman and his new partner Robin get into their new extra-homoerotic costumes (complete with nipples built in) and go off to defeat Riddler and Two-Face at their not-at-all-secret lair. Batman blows by the Police HQ without actually asking why they have the signal on, and Commissioner Gordon shakes hands with the other officers like he's done something. At the HQ, Two-Face is ground to bits and Riddler gets a massive brain energy dump which leaves him looking like he'll need to take the "special bus" for the rest of his life. Riddler thinks he's Batman. Michael Hutchison

Batman Returns Penguin is about to kill most of Gotham via remote-controlled penguins with rocket harnesses. No, seriously. Batman defeats him and has all the rockets land in the abandoned zoo. Penguin drowns. Meanwhile, Catwoman faces off against Max Schreck, who learns the identity of Batman so we KNOW he's going to die. Catwoman electrocutes herself and Max, but her body is not found. Later, Batman wishes Alfred a Merry Christmas and Catwoman's head appears peeking up at the bottom of the screen. Michael Hutchison

La Bella Vita Roberto Benini as Gwido,a young man who comes from the country to the city. He fell in love and got married. the young couple having a son-joshua. Gwido is jewish, and the nazis take him and Joshua to the getto. Gwido,that wants to keep away his son from the horrors and make him overcome it - inventing a whole virtual world for Joshua. for all over the war joshua thinks that they are playing a game, and "if they will get 1000 points they'll win in a real tank. During the movie Gwido is fighting to keep his son's illusion real. It works, and because of that game little Joshua is saved, and meets his mother again. The only problem is that Gwido himself is getting shot and dead while looking for his wife. The movie ends when we understand that the whole movie is a story told to us by Joshua after he grew up. Dory N.

Billy Elliot Billy decides to give up boxing lessons in favor of ballet lessons. He keeps this secret from his brother and father who are involved in a miner's strike (his mother is dead.) His instuctor encourages him to apply to the national ballet school, which after much objection from his father, he does. His father eventually warms to the idea of Billy dancing, and the end of the movie shows Billy as a famous dancer in the future. Amanda Titel

The Blair Witch Project With Josh missing, Mike and Heather heard screams which they traced to an abandoned house. Mike get grabed by someone or something in the basement. Heather finds Mike standing in the corner facing the wall, ala Rustin Parr style of his killings (at the beginning of the movie, they were interviewing the locals about the legend. one man said that he (crazy witch dude)would kidnap little kids from the town and bring them up to his cabin. he brought them down into the basement two at a time. he stood one in the corner while he killed the other...the reason mike was standing in the corner was because the witch was killing josh). then you hear a loud thud and heathers camera hits the floor. Dan + pollux

Blow After years spent in jail and away from his little daughter. Carl Jung vists her after school and walks her home everyday. One day he asks her where she wants to go and she says "California". Inorder to make her wish come true, he needs to do one last score. He meets up with old friends and the deal goes smoothly until one of them is working with the DEA and turns on Carl. THe end of the movie is of Carl dreaming of one day meeting his grown up daughter (which never happens). Dwight

Book of Shadows: Blairwitch 2 Erica dissapears after performing a Wiccan ritual. She is later found dead, in the closet. Jeff, Stephan, and Kim find out that Tristen is actually the one possed by evil. Tristen begins to mock the others.In a blind rage, Stephan hangs her. The next morning, the police enter the building and arrest the three. They review the tape of what happened to Tristen. The tape shows something completely different. The three are accusing Tristen of murder. Tristen is now denying this and is begging for her life. On the tape, Stephen goes crazy and hangs her. Then Kim is shown a video of the security camera of a local store. Earlier Kim purchased food and left. But now, the video shows her butchering the clerk. Now it is revealed to the three what really happened to the other group of campers. They review the tapes of what happened that night. They all danced naked around a raging fire, and then ran to the other campers and killed them one by one. As the movie ends, we hear Stephan yelling "It wasn't us! Someone messed with those tapes!" And as the credits begin to roll, countless groups of camper enter the woods of Burkettesville to take part in the real legend of the Blairwitch. Ryan

Bottle Rocket Dignan is caught by the police (a few minutes after declaring "they'll never catch me") and ends up in jail. Anthony and Inez get back to each other. By the way, did you know that Anthony, Dignan and Future man are brothers in real life?!

Bridget Jones's Diary Bridget starts a diary of her life and through out the movies tries to loose weight and give up other things as part of her New Years Resolutions. Bridget falls for her boss Hugh Grant. They get together but he turns out to be a complete jerk and dumbps her. Throughout the movie she keeps running into a guy named Mark Darcy who she can't stand but one night he tells her he likes her just as she is. Well that did it. Bridget is now crazy about him. However Hugh Grant does spoil Bridget's birthday party and a fist fight between him and Mark takes place and Mark leaves. He comes back and he and Bridget are about to go out when he discovers what she's written about him in her diary (when she hated him) and leaves her apartment. Bridget chases him in the snow wearing only a t-shirt, a sweater and running shoes. She catches up to him at a shop where he has bought her a new diary for her to write about their life together. They kiss and her leopard print underwear is sho! wing and people are stopping to look so he wraps Bridget up in his coat. Erin

Bring It On The African American cheerleader team wins!!! but they deserve it.uli

A Bug's Life The giant mechanical bird is lost in a fire started by P.T. Flea, but the antz, er, ants defeat those pesky grasshopers anyway. Woo-hoo. Big surprise. Marcus Alexander Hart

Can't Hardly Wait All the jocks lose, all the geeks win. It's the ending that you always wished that The Breakfast Club had. Marcus Alexander Hart

Cast Away Tom Hanks builds some kind of a raft, and sails into the ocean with Wilson and with this unopened package. There's a storm, Wilson drowns (a very sad scene), but Tom gets rescued by sime big ship. When he returns to civilization he finds out the his girlfriend has mariied some other guy!! and they have a kid! They kiss, They confess that they love eachother, but she returns to her life with her husband. Tom brings the package to its sender, and apparently its a cool, beautiful woman, which makes her worthy of his love. Well actually we don't see what happens between them, but they probably fall in love or something. Oh,by the way, Tom is so much cuter after 4 years on the island, when he's skinny!

Chasing Amy Holden (Ben Affleck) decides that in order for him to be comfortable with Alyssa's (Joey Lauren Adams) past, they have to have a threesome with Banky (Jason Lee) who Holden assumes is attracted to him. Banky reluctantly agrees, but Alyssa says that she can't do it. She says that she loves him, but she's not his whore. And they break up. Banky and Holden stop making the comic together. A year later, they're at a convention and Holden sees Banky and they acknowledge each other pleasently, then he sees Alyssa accross the way and gives her a comic of his own that contains an apology. Sarah

Cinderella (Disney version) At the moment when Cinderella is about to be fitted with the glass slipper, her stepmother (who had tried to keep this from happening by locking her in her room; the animal friends saved her) trips the footman presenting the shoe. It breaks, but Cinderella isn't perturbed - she reveals that she had the other one all along; it obviously fits, and a happy ending ensues as she is married to the prince.(Miss) Rori

Citizen Kane Rosebud was a sled matt nielsen

City of Angels Seth (Nicholas Cage) falls and becomes human. He searches for Maggie (Meg Ryan), finds her in her cabin. They spend a wonderful night together and begin planning the rest of their life. The next day, Maggie goes to buy some things at the store and as she returns on her bike she gets hit by a log truck. Seth runs to her, and is with her while she dies. He's devastated, and is unsure of how he will go on. Sucky sucky ending! Sarah

Clerks The old man who borrowed the porno earlier in the film, dies while masterbating in the bathroom. His blood continues to flow for a few hours, and he is left with a hard-on. Caitlin stumbles into the bathroom, mistakes him for Dante, and has sex with him. Afterwords, Dante reveals that it wasn't him, and the body is discovered. Caitlin has a nervous breakdown and is commited. Randy still thinks Dante wants to be with Caitlin and tells his real girlfriend that he doesn't want her anymore. Outraged, she breaks up with Dante. Dante attacks Randy, but stops after Randy explains that Dante refuses to listen to himself, let alone make up his mind. Randy leaves right when Jay and Silent Bob enter. Jay continues to play the role of druggie bad-ass, but Silent Bob speaks up, telling Dante that his girlfriend really loves him and he should follow his heart. Dante realises that he has to make a decision, and closes the store for the night. Ryan

A Clockwork Orange Alex (Malcolm McDowell) undergoes a form of sublimenal treatment to cure him of his evil tendancies. He is cured, and as a result, everytime he has an evil thought, he becomes physically sick. Alex returns to his house to find that his parents have rented out his room and are unwilling to kick their visitor out. Alex leaves and is attacked by a group of homeless people led by the poor derelect he savagely beat at the beginning of the film. The police break up the crowd, but Alex finds out that the cops are none other than his former gang members who he abused, beat, and belittled. They take him to the middle of nowhere, where they torture and beat him before stranding him and leaving. Alex stumbles blindly through the country-side before arriving at the home of the man he attacked (At the start of the film, he and his "Droogs" broke into the mans house, trashed his belongings, beat him senseless, and raped his wife. During this whole ordeal, Alex was singing the so! ng "Singing in the the rain".). The man, not recognising Alex, takes him in and cares for him. The man is now crippled and his wife has died, all resulting from the attack. Alex is happy to be here, being cared for, but he makes a big mistake. While taking a bath, he sings "Singing in the rain". The man hears this, and realises who his guest is. The man finds out that Alex was the subject of the sublimenal experiment that is now all over the papers, and, during a conversation, Alex reveals another weakness. During the procedure, Beethoven music was played. Now, Alex also grows sick when Beethoven is playing. The man drugs Alex, and then locks him in the attic, piping Beethoven in through the walls. Alex grows insane from the torture and throws himself out a window. He awakens in a hospital. He finds that the police have rescued him. He also discovers that the doctors have reversed his condition. Fearing that the story of their subject's ill treatment after the procedure will! get out to the public, the doctors have made him the way he was. Now, totally free to do whatever he wishes, Alex returns to his criminal lifestyle. Ryan

Close Encounters of the Third Through great peril, Roy and newfound friend Gillian make it to Devil's Tower and the secret rendezvous the goverment has set up with the peaceful aliens, who return all the people that had been "kidnapped" by them, including Gillian's son Barry. A team of astronauts will now journey with the aliens; Roy is allowed to join them.(Miss) Rori

Contact the scientist is a candidate to go but can't b/c she doesn't believe in God (she uses occum's razor, the simplest explanation is often the right one, to back her up). the 1st launcher gets blown up by that religious guy they saw on TV during a rehersal. the real old guy gets her to the place he lives and tells her that since it was govt money, they built two of the deals and the other one is on some secret island and would she like to go? she then goes to the place, which is under heavy security. in the launch, there's lots of vibrations which cause her to contemplate abort but she doesn't and the thing starts to drop and she starts to go places and basically meets her dad. this takes several hours for her but after she comes back, they tell her nothing happened and it didn't work. there's a big hearing on this and they think she made everything up and wasted the govt's money and she tries to convince them into what she thinks really happened but they use occum's razor against her, saying its easier to believe that it didn't work and nothing happened and that she didn't go anywhere. after it concludes, we see two of the people talking about what was recorded on her camera that she took and it seemed that it recorded the same length of static as the length of time she said she was gone. in the end, she's giving a tour of the satellite array to some kids on a field trip. rald

Coyote Ugly Piper Perabo (a.k.a. Violet)leaves the wholesome 'grassroots' existence of her childhood (somewhere in the Midwest) and moves to New York City. Once there, in "The Big Apple", she discovers that New York might not be her kinda' town. The people are rude. Someone steals her money. And...she is forced to work in a bar and participate in wet-tee-shirt contests. She becomes a "hot barmaid," but what she really wants to do is write songs. There is only one small problem, she has terminal "stage fright" and cannot perform. After endless angst-ridden episodes (to include: dancing on the bar, spraying the horny regulars with water, and having sex with some guy from England) she finds herself "hopeless" in terms of fulfilling her career as a songwriter. And then out of left field comes Leann Rimes, who sings one of Piper Perabo's songs, and the rest is history. The audience goes wild, the song is a big success, and Piper Perabo can stay in "The Big Apple" and have more sex with the English guy. Loren Richard Klahs

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Li Mu-Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) and Shu Lien (Michelle Yo) arrive at Jade Fox's lair to confront Jen (Ziyi Zhang). Jade Fox (Pei-Pei Cheng) has been keeping Jen under her control, but Jen rejects her and agrees to come with Mu-Bai and Lien. But Jade Fox attacks them, firinf poison darts at Mu-Bai. Mu-Bai deflects them and kills Jade Fox. But he finds that one dart has made it through and kills him before Jen can find the antidote. Jen goes to Wudan to study with Lo (Chen Chang). They spend the night together. The next morning, Jen tells Lo to ake a wish. Lo wishes they could be back alone in the deser again. A tearful Jen throws herself off a bridge. Ryan

Cruel Intensions Ryan Phillipe DIES by getting hit by a taxi saving that wanna be virgin. Sarah Michelle Gellar is no longer a good little girl coz the sercets have come out in the open at the funeral of Sebastian wilsonl

Dark Star Bomb number 20 detonates in the bomb bay, killing everybody on board the Dark Star. Not that any of you have ever, or will ever see this movie. It just has a great ending to spoil. Marcus Alexander Hart

Desperado Mariachi's (Antonio Banderas) real name is Benito. He doesn't learn until too late, but the villian Bucho (Jueaquim de Almeida) who he has been chasing all this time is actually his brother Ciccero, who his father disowned. Ciccero points out that Carolina (Salma Hayek) is now the woman he love, but seeks revenge of his own by attempting to kill her. Benito reacts and kills Ciccero and his men. Benito and Carolina ride into the sunset in a stolen jeep with the guitar case full of weapons. Ryan

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo Detective Fowler (William Forsythe) isn't after Antione (Oded Fehr) because of his job, but because his wife Elaine is a customer. Deuce convinces Fowler that she isn't turning away from him because of his sexual inadequecy, but because he doesn't appreciate her. In an attempt to show her that he still loves her, He convinces Deuce to join him in a double strip-tease for her. Afterwords, Fowler tells Deuce that he has to take someone down for this, but Deuce refuses to turn in T.J. (Eddie Griffin) and takes the fall himself. However, all his customers show up at the trial and reveal that he never had sex with any of them. He is let off the hook and patches things up with his girlfriend Kate (Arija Bareikis). Then, everyone pitches in and helps Deuce repair the tank before Antione gets home. Antione is okay with everything until he touches the tank and it breaks. He goes into a rage and attacks Deuce, but is arrested and sent to jail. Deuce and Kate stay together and form and anti-sushi resteraunt movement. Ryan

Dogma Bartleby (Ben Afflek) and Loki (Matt Damon) make it to the cathedral and kill all present. Loki cuts off his wings, becoming human, but Bartleby leaves his on, killing more bystanders. Bethany (Linda Fiorentino) arrives too late with Jay and Silent Bob (Lason Mewes and Kevin Smith), Rufus (Chris Rock), and Serendipity (Salma Hayek). Loki realises that he has done wrong and attempts to correct himself, but Bartleby kills him for "losing the faith". Suddenly, Bethany realises that Joh Doe Jersey (The homeless man beaten into a coma at the start of the film) is actually God in human form. God has been missing because his human body is in a coma. Bethany runs to the hospital to find him. Meanwhile, Jay takes a machine gun from a dead member of the SWAT team and shotts Bartleby. Bartleby ducks, and the bullets destroy his wings, making him human. Bartleby is now free to enter the church, be obsolved of all sins, kill himself, and enter heaven (Thus defying God in a way he cannot prevent and thus destroying all reality in the process.) But Bethany makes it to the hospital and pulls John's plug, killing him. God is now free and can stop Bartleby. God comes to earth in true form (Allanis Morrisette) accompanied by Metatron (Alan Rickman). God kills Bartleby and saves the world. But the power of John's death kills Bethany. Silent Bob brings her body to God who heals her, making her pregnant in the process. God, Metatron, Rufus, and Serendipity all return to heaven and Bethany is left stuck with Jay and Silent Bob and nothing to do. As the movie ends, Jay tells Silent Bob that they should go to "Quick Stop" (The store from "Clerks"). Ryan

Dr. Strangelove The Doomsday Machine is a super-computer that is wired into all the buried nuclear weapons in Russian. If one is detonated, then the machine detonates all the rest, setting off a nuclear chain reaction that will devestate earth for 100 years. The machine is also programmed to go off if any part of Russia is nuked by an outside force. General Ripper has also programmed the nuclear bomb carrying planes he has sent to bomb the Ruskies with a special code. Their radio's will not pick up any signals unless said signals are preceeded by a three-letter code. Mandrake (Peter Sellers) discovers the code is "O.P.E" and tells this to President Muffly (Also played by Peter Sellers). The call-back signal is sent to all but one plane, who's radio was damaged by an enemy plane. However, the bomb release was also damaged, and the planes capt., Major Kong (Slim Pickin's), goes to fix it himself. In the attempt, he falls out of the plane with the nuke. Apparently trying to enjoy his! last moments of life, he rides the nuke all the way down, hootin' and hollerin' like a cowboy on a bull. The bomb sets of the doomsday machine. At the war room in the Pentagon, Dr. Strangelove (Once again played by Peter Sellers) tells Muffly that the American's would be able to survive if thousands of them moved into tunnels deep underground. He says that the earth could be repopulated after 100 years if those sent underground were rationed out by a ratio of Three women to every one man. General Turgidson (George C. Scott) likes this idea very much, but warns the president that the Russians may try to invade the American tunnels in an attempt to repopulate the world with Russians, and thus be the dominent race. During this warning, Ambassador de Sadesky (Peter Bull) takes several photographs of the War Room with a secret hidden camera. Dr. Strangelove seems to have a plan, but cannot reveal it because he grows too excited when he learns that he can still walk. As the Ameri! cans work things out in the pentagon, the Russian nukes decimate the earths surface. Ryan

Driven Sly stallon's character comes out of retirement, helps young driver find his way, at end helps young driver beat the "bad" guy in the final race. frank rizzo

Dude, Where's My Car? What can you say about a movie where the opening sequence features "Stuttering John" Mendez (a.k.a. Howard Stern's perennial intern/"shock" interviewer?) After we witness "Stuttering John" exit a closet door to relieve himself in what-appears-to-be a variety of house plants, we meet two young male slackers who are just waking up after an evening of forgotten adventures. Once awake, they discover that their automobile is somehow, "missing." Thus, title of movie: "DUDE, WHERE'S MY CAR?" In an all out effort to discover the where-abouts of said automobile, our slacker-dudes find themselves being pursued by a variety of characters to include: "space aliens, trans-sexuals, and other various and sundry Southern California types." They borrow a car, in search of their own, and find themselves sharing a red light with none other than "Fabio." Fabio is in a red convertible with a beautiful model. The slacker-dudes take immediate notice. Fabio, in an attempt to "show off" for the boys, puts his arms around the girl and gives her a little kiss. Not to be outdone, our young slacker-dude heroes begin to make out with each other in a wild and passionate series of intense tongue kisses. Fabio becomes "strangely un-nerved" and drives away in a huff. Later our slacker-dude buddies find themselves being attacked by savage ostriches. As it turns out, the slacker-dudes have in their possession (unbeknownst to them) some kind of gizmo that is the "key to the universe." This "thing-a-ma-jig" looks very much like a "Rubik's Cube," that one of the slackers has been trying to figure out ever since he found the thing in his pocket. One thing leads to another, and before the denouement (where once again we witness "Stuttering John" Mendez taking a whiz in the potted plants) our goofy slacker buds have somehow inadvertently "saved the universe." All ends well when the "space aliens" reward the slackers by giving each of their "girlfriends" a very special birthday present. The audence watches in total amazement as two teen-age girls go from size 'A' cups to double 'D's right before our very eyes. Note: The boys are reunited with their car by the end of the film, but somehow none of that really matters anymore. Loren Richard Klahs

Empire Records The staff raise the money for Joe, by organizing a big party. Gina fulfills her dream and sings at the party, Corey tells AJ she loves him too, and everyone's really happy.

Enemy Of The State Dean gets the NSA guys and the mobsters to shoot at eachother, while Brill is off to a sunny beach.

Evolution Ira Kane (David Duchovny) and Harry Block (Orlando Jones) are blamed when the creatures escape. They return to the compound to confront Dr. Woodman (Ted Levine) and explain things to the governer (Dan Akroyd). While there, the creatures evolve into primates and attack. They are driven back after Wayne Greene (Seann William Scott) gets a gun and kills one. Enraged by the attack, the governer approves the plan to napalm the creature's habitat area. Afterwords, Woodman officially removes Ira and Harry from any association with the project whatesoever. When they leave, Dr. Allison Reed (Julianne Moore) joins them, sneaking out a sample of the original, un-evolved creature. They take it to the community college, where several students are throwing an "End of the World" party. There, they discover that the creature evolves when provoked by heat. They realise that the napalm will force the creatures to evolve even quicker. Ira also makes another discovery. We are carbon based life forms, while the aliens are nitrogen based. On the periodic table, if you go two down and one over from carbon, you have arsenic, which is poisonous to carbon-based life forms. If you do the same with nitrogen, you arrive at Selenium. Selenium, hopefully, will be poisonous to the aliens. But a new question arises. Where will they get 500 gallons of selenium in one day? The answer: Head and Shoulders shampoo. Selenium Nitrate is the active ingredient in Head and Shoulders. The guys fill the fire truck with the shampoo and head for the impact site. But Woodman has set off the bomb early, and the creatures mold together and form a giant, worm-like creature. By the time the good-guys are ready, the alien is about to divide. In order for the selenium to work, it must enter through an opening. The only one they can find is the aliens giant sphincter. Ira and Harry climb up the fire-truck's ladder and fire the creature full of shampoo. It works, and the creature explodes.! Afterwords, Harry and Ira are given full credit for the discovery of life off of earth. Wayne becomes a full fire-fighter. Ira is about to be publically thanked for saving earth, but disappears into the fire-truck so that he can have sex with Allison. After the entire ordeal Ira, Harry, and Wayne becom commercial spokesmen for Head and Shoulders shampoo. Ryan

Eyes Wide Shut Apparently, I seem to be the only one who understood this movie, so I'll help you guys out. William Hartford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) are having marital problems. William and Alice go to a party thrown by his boss, where they both pick up "dates". Alice goes for an older guy, while William gets two hot, younger women. Alice doesn't persue it though, because she seems to have some form of moral attachment to her marriage. William would have gone for it, but is pulled away by his boss. His boss was having sex with a girl named Mandy (Julienne Davis) who has now O.D.'d. William revives her and returns to the party. He meets up with Alice who wants to go home. Once there, they have sex. Afterwords, they discuss sex in the modern world. Alice tells William that women are underestimated by men nowadays. She tells him of a time when they were on a vacation, when she saw a man in a navy uniform. The man and her had stared at eachother and nothing more, but she claims that she felt better then than she would have if they had had sex. Outraged, William goes out the next day for some sexual revenge. At first he tries to get together with a hooker. But he ends up starting a conversation and feels too good to have meaningless sex with her. Then he finds an old friend of his, a musician named Nick Nightingale (Todd Field). William follows the information Nick gives him and finds himself in a mansion in the counrty. Inside is a meeting of a secret society. The men present wear cloaks and mardi-gras-esque masks. The women also wear masks, but are otherwise completely naked. There, couples have freaky sex in front of onlookers. Williams identity is discovered and he is told that he will be punished. But one of the girls offers to take his punishment for him. They leader of the society agrees, but warns William that he must never speak of what he has seen. The next day, William reads an obituary for Mandy, the drugged up whore he saved. William thinks that Mandy was the girl in the mansion, and that she was killed because of him. William is confronted by his boss, who claims to be a member of the secret organization. He claims that the whole ordeal with the crowd turning on him and the girl offering to undergo his punishment was nothing more than a show that was put on to scare him out of ever speaking about what he saw. William goes to return the mask and cloak he rented for the trip last night to a costume shop run by a Russian man named Milich (Rade Sherbedgia). When William had been there the previous night, Milich had caught his daughter (Leelee Sobieski) having sex with 2 chinese men. Milich had told them he was going to call the cops. When William arrives today, Milich is talking pleasently with the man. William asks him what is going on, and Milich tells him that a deal can always be made. When he finishes saying this, he looks to his daughter, who eyes William lustfully. William, now thoroughly confused, goes to see the hooker from the previous night. She isn't there, but her roomate is, She tells William that the girl was diagnosed with AIDs that morning. Now William understands the truth about sex in the modern world. Sex is no longer about love or emotion. It's about satisfying your raw, carnal urges. Man no longer loves, but lusts. Mankind no longer cares about emotion, we are nothing but sexual predators. Devastated, William decides to make things right by confessing everything to Alice. Alice takes it badly, but understands that her husband truly loves her and had to undergo this terrible ordeal to truly understand that. And, in the tradition of all of Kubricks greatest films, this one has an ironic ending. After Williams frightening journey into the horrors of sex, Alice decides the way that they must resolve their problems is for them to have sex together as soon as possible. Ryan

Face/Off sean archer shoots a harpoon into nicholas cages' stomach. sean gets his face & "...this ridiculous chin" back.pollux

The Faculty The alien in the end turns out to be Mary-Beth, she turns into a ugly moster and Casey kills her, then weeks later we see that he's the big hero, and he's now going out with Delilah, Stokley is going out wit Stan, and im pretty sure that Zeke is going out wit the nerdy teacher Amy

Fargo Jerry's wife dies, and he's arrested while trying to escape through his motel room window. marge's back home with her cute husband. Oh, and that asian guy turns out to be a bit of a psycho.

The Fast and the Furious Brian Spindler (Paul Walker) gets the tuna sandwich (with no crust) and the girl- Mia (jordanna brewster). Walker, an undercover cop finds out that Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew are the honda bandits and not Johnny Tran (Ricky Yune) and his crew. In the end Dom gets his 10 second car. pj

Fight Club Brad Pitt and the Ed Norton and the same person. Two sides of the same personality. Apparently. Simple as that. Norton "kills" his alter ego by shooting himself in the face, but survives to witness the credit card buildings explode and tell Marla that he wants a relationship. Claire Packham , Rob Johnson

Final Destination Tod dies by being hanged in his bathroom. The jock's girlfriend, Terry, is killed by being, more or less, blown up by a public bus. The teacher dies by being burned and then having a knife stabbed into her chest. the jock is saved from being hit by a train. Clear is saved from being blown up in her car. Devon Sawa's character is resuscitated after being electrocuted. Six months later, Clear, Devon and the jock get on a plane to paris, devon is almost killed but he is saved first by Clear, then by the jock. Then the jock dies and the movie ends. julie

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Niell, Ryan, and Jane (voiced by steve bucemi, Ving raymes,Peri gilpin) die by getting thier souls taken by the ailen and so does Gray ( Alec Baldwin ). Aki (Ming-Na) saves herself and the world by finding the 8th spirit. o yeah Dr.Sid (Donald Sutherland) survives too. Al Gore

Finding Forrester Forrester dies, and leaves "everything" to our young brilliant literary friend. Everyone, including Busta Rhymes, is both sadden and surprised. In the final sequence our hero, Busta Rhymes and their mother get the keys to Forrester's apartment, and they visit "the shrine," with the mother saying in hushed tones, "...Don't touch anything." Tearfully they gaze at the mountains of books, artwork, and antiques. Loren Richard Klahs

Forces of Nature Ben Affleck doesn't end up with Sandra Bullock, he goes home and marries his fiance, and Sandra Bullock goes to find her kid. Sarah

From Dusk Till Dawn Everybody dies except for Seth and Kate, who destroy all of the vampires and meet up with Cheech Marin (in like his tenth role in the movie) and live unhappily ever after. Marcus Alexander Hart

Full Metal Jacket Joker sneaks into the empty building and locates the sniper, who is actually a Vietnamese girl. Joker runs out of ammo, but is saved by Raptor-man who fires several rounds into the girl. The others soon arrive, but the girl is not dead. She lies on the ground, critically wounded and praying in Vietnamese. Joker realises that the true horror and insanity of this war has caught up with him, and he shoots the girl, killing her. From here on, we see that Joker is the one who has aquired "The Stare" of insanity, not Raptor-man. As the platoon leaves the decimated city, they join in singing the theme from "The Micky Mouse Club". Ryan

The General's Daughter The killer is Colonel William Kent (Timothy Hutton).

Gladiator Russell Crowe's character having been captured while trying to escape and attempt to contact his former army is put into the Colliseum for one final battle. Yes you guessed it with the evil Ceasar (Joaquim Pheaonix). Needless to say an almighty battle ensues which Crowe wins. However, Crowe then collapses in the ring and dies from his wounds where he then goes to Roman Heaven to be reunited with his wife and son who were murdered earlier in the movie. mark pollock

The Good Son Susan (Wendy Crewson) has to choose between her son Henry (Macaulay Culkin) and her nephew Mark (Elijah Wood). She saves Mark and Henry falls off the cliff and dies.

The Green Mile John Coffrey didn't do the murders Tom Hanks learns this but does nothing and John fries, and because of that hanks keeps on living past 100 jodie portugal

The Grinch Where do I begin? This is probably the highest grossing box office hit of the year, and still they couldn't get Christine Baranski's "make-up" right? In any event, Jim Carey's performance makes anything Robin Williams has ever done look tame and conservative. Jim Carey in lime-green makeup was a lot more appealing than Christine Baranski as "death warmed over." And then there were all of those "improvised jokes," like Jim Carey putting some mistletoe up his ass and asking if anyone wanted to "...kiss it?" And wasn't it amusing when little "Cindy Lu, Sue, Boo..or whatever" got herself trapped into something that looked like a trash compactor? I thought the laughs would never stop. An instant holiday classic. Jim Carey's performance reminded me of any number of Robert Downey Jr's antics, in or out of the courtroom. The whole Dr. Seuss thing looked like it was filmed in the old Christmas window displays at Macy's. But really....was the footage of Christine Baranski's close-up necessary? This was scarier than Barbara Streisand in "The Mirror Has Two Faces," but that was a horse of a different color. Loren Richard Klahs

Halloween H20 Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) deeeeecapitates Michael Myers. Geez louise, it's about damn time somebody did. If you want to stop the undead pure evil, you've got to dismember them, not ARREST them (What's up with that, Halloween V?)! Marcus Alexander Hart

Hamburger hill In Hamburger hill, it turns out that out of the 14 soldiers only 3 of them survive: The guy with the girlfriend(Pretty suprising for a vietnam movie!!), Don Cheadle (The guy in Mision to mars, who is the only survivor of that group), and Dylan Mcdermott (Who will be seen in the movie coming soon called "Texas Rangers") Dan

Hannibal Hannibal is caught by Carlo (Ivano Marescotti) and delivered to Mason Verger (Gary Oldman) to be fed alive to the carniverous hogs. But Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) knows where he is. She finds the barn he's being kept in, kills Carlo, and wounds Tommaso (Marco Graeo). But Clarice takes a shot in the shoulder. She frees Lector, but passes out. Lector rescues Clarice right as the doors open and the hogs enter. Hannibal stands completely still. The hogs can easily get him, but Tommaso is bleeding profusly and cowering over Carlo. The hogs see him as an easier target and eat him instead. Verger arrives with Cordell (Zelko Ivanek) to find Hannibal escaping. Sensing Cordells unhappiness, Hannibal convinces Cordell to push Verger into the pit, where he is killed by the hogs. Hannibal takes Clarice to Krendler's (Ray Liotta) lake-front house and fixes her wound. Clarice wakes up to find herself in a fancy evening dress and smells something cooking downstairs. Before she leaves, she calls the police who tell her that they'll be there in ten minutes. She goes downstair and finds Hannibal and Krendler chatting nicely. Krendler is acting a little too strange though, and has a pale face to go with his extremely red eyes. Hannibal removes Krendlers hat and we see that Hannibal has lobotamised him. Hannibal cuts the top of his head off and feeds Krendler peices of his own brain. Then he drags Krendler into the kitchen, leaving Clarice in the dining room. Clarice tries to attack Hannibal, but he slams her against a refrigerator. Her hair falls behind the open door. Hannibal slams it shut and pulls off the handle, trapping her. He begins to talk to her, but she hand-cuffs herself to him. Hearing the approaching sirens, Hannibal picks up a meat-cleaver, lays Clarice's hand on the counter, lifts the cleaver, and brings it down hard. Next we see Clarices standing outside as the police arrive. She still has both hands. Hannibal is escaping the country on an airplane. He has a sling around his arm (He cut off his own hand). As Hannibal gets out a small pack carrying food he has brought with him, a small boy comes to talk to him. The boy points to something in Hannibals tray and asks if he can have some (It is a piece of Krendler's brain). Hannibal agrees, and the boy becomes a cannibal without even knowing it. Ryan

The Haunting Well it turns out that Nell is Hugh Cranes great great grandfather. she draws him out in front of those cool looking doors and confronts him. the demons come out of the doors and drag him to hell. Nell dies in the process and joins all of the souls of the dead children while Dr. Marrow and Theo look on. richie

Hollow Man Taking the easy way out of a movie, Paul Verhoeven, turns it into a slasher flick, by having Kevin Bacon trap his colleagues in their underground lab. Then he kills them off one by one. First he strangles Janice, then tosses Carter through the air, causing him to snap his head against a pipe. After that he puts Sarah out with a tranuilizer and snaps her neck. Then he stabs Frank with an enormous crowbar (on the DVD they call that scene, "Frank-on-a-stick"). Then Bacon traps Linda and Matt in a freezer. She breaks out and torches Bacon down in a tunnel. He attacks her again only to have Matt hit him with the crowbar. Bacon attacks yet again, but is electrictued. Linda and Matt find out Sebastian (Kevin Bacon) set a bomb. They climb up into an elevator shaft just as the lab explodes. But Sebastian comes back one more time. He grabs Linda and they fall on the elevator. She breaks a wire causing Sebastian and the elevator to fall into the heaving fire. hugh Jass

House On Haunted Hill The darkness took evelyn and head upstairs towards the attic prichett died pryce died and eddie and sara escaped on the roof

I Dreamed Of Africa After surviving a near fatal auto accident, Kim Bassinger moves to Africa with her new husband, young son, and the pet dog. Not to give too much away, during the film Kim Bassinger tells the dog to stay away from the tigers; she tells her husband not to take that one big last ride into the African sunset; and (I'm not kidding) she tells her son to not play with poisonous snakes. No one takes her advice. Thus, the dog gets chomped by a tiger, the husband gets killed in a car crash, and the son dies of a snake bite. Kim remains with her daughter in the African wilderness and they fondly remember the "Good Times." Loren Richard Klahs

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer the killer is will benzson, get it ben's son rob caruana

The Ice Storm The ending is kind of sad. Elijah Wood is hoarsing around outside in the cold, when he sits on a metal fence. All of a sudden, a wire of a power line turns on and starts running lose. It touches the fence and Elijah gets electrocuted. He is found after and is brought home where it is pretty obvious that he is dead when his father starts crying. It is mainly silent during this whole emotional time, and a lot of crying is involved.

Independence Day Aliens 0 Earth 1

Johnny Suede Johnny comes to Yvonne's apartment and tells her he's sorry. As the camera goes outside through the window, Johnny's boot is seen on the top of the car, which drives away.

Jurassic Park Gennerou dies by T-Rex, Robbert dies by raptor 1, Arnld dies by raptor 3. Grant, Hammond, Malclom, Tim, Lex, and Sattler survive. They excape by a choper. Jesse Webster

Jurassic Park 3 Grant gets tricked into going to the island.Spinosaur kills a T-Rex. They run away.They meet up with some smart Raptors, some people die, then they get away. More encounters with the Spino, they get away. Some flying dinos chase them, one guy dies. As they are running away from the Spino off the island the other Rex comes out of the bush and the two start fighting, this time the Rex wins. They get off the island and the miltary seals off the island. Jack

Keeping the Faith Rabbi Jake decides he wants to stay with Anna and stops her from leaving New York. She and Jake come to the karaoke center Father Brian and Jake have set up. Father Brian, though still in love with Anna, is happy that Anna and Rabbi Jake are happy together. Everyone is happy when they find out Anna has been taking classes in Judaism (sp?) and thus maybe converting and solving any problems that his congregation may have about her not being Jewish. Jennifer Davis

The Killing The heast goes pretty well until Sherry (Marie Windsor) hires men to steal the money. George (Elisha Cook) discovers this and there is a big shoot out which leaves everyone dead except Johnny (Sterling Haden) and Fay (Coleen Gray). They pack the money into a suitcase and try to leave the country, but the case is too big to be carry-on and the airline insists on storing it under the plane. The case is point on a cart and taken to the plane, but it all goes bad. A elderly woman is standing with a little dog, waiting for a relative to arive. The dog becomes excited and runs onto the airfield. The cart stops too quickly and the suitcase falls off, spilling the money everywhere. Fay tries to convince Johnny to run, but he sees no point in it and surrenders to the authorities. Ryan

A Knight's Tale OK. No biggies here. Heath Ledger's father isn't really dead, just blind. Heath becomes a real knight because he gets knighted and Heath manages to beat the bad guy. Oh and he gets the girl. Mac The Movieguy

Last Dance When cindy (Sharon Stone) is 3 minutes from dying, comes a phone call from the judge which postpones the execution; a couple of hours later she's executed for real.

Last of the Mohicans Daniel Day Lewis, Russell Means, and Eric Schweig are the last three Mohicans ever (sure) who roam upstate New York trying to stop the Huron suckas backed by the French. They save Madeline Stowe, Jodhi May, and Steven Waddington from a war party raid, take them to their fort, which is captured, then they have to flee the Hurons, led by revenge-bent Wes Studi. When held prisoner again, Waddington volunteers to be brutally executed in place of Stowe, while Jodhi May jumps off a cliff after Schweig is killed in a duel for her honor by Studi. Means (Schweig's onscreen father) gets superbly pissed and uses his combination boomerang, club, and knife to dispatch Studi in one of only three exciting action sequences in the whole movie. Then Lewis, Means, and Stowe watch the sun set from the cliffs in a typically cheesy ending. Lester Diamond

Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon is a "Valley Girl" from UCLA. She loves this really, really cute guy, but he dumps her because he is going to Harvard to become a lawyer. Reese decides to go to Harvard too! She surprises him in the ivy-covered halls of Harvard Law School, only to discover that he has a new girlfriend. Reese becomes really, really sad and thinks about going home to Los Angeles where her girlfriends are having lots of "groovy" times and stuff. But after a run-in of sorts with some dykes and pseudo-intellectuals, she decides to stay and finish Law School. Before she graduates at the top of her class, her mentor tries to "feel her up," and she gets really, really grossed out. And then for some unknown reason one of her friends needs a lawyer because the friend has been accused of killing her 60 year old husband. "Yuk." The friend is a twenty-something aerobic instructor from L.A. and when asked why such a cute young chick would marry such an old gross guy, she indicates that he had a very, very large "pee-pee." All seems lost, and it looks like the cute aerobic instructor is heading for the gas chamber. But then......Reese Witherspoon has a "special moment" where she traps the real killer in an off-guard moment on the witness stand. Reese wins the case, The aerobic instructor is a free woman, and by the end of this movie, Reese Witherspoon meets another really, really cute guy (Luke Wilson.) Loren Richard Klahs

The Little Mermaid (Disney) Ariel doesn't receive the kiss from Eric in time (which means she is a mermaid again) and Ursula manages to use her as ransom for her father Triton's kingdom. Eric comes to rescue Ariel, and Ursula, swelling to monstrous proportions, attempts to kill them both. Eric defeats her by stabbing her with the bowsprit of a shipwreck the battle dredges to the surface; her death releases all the merpeople (including Triton) that she had imprisoned with her powers. Triton, realizing how much Ariel loves Eric, permanently transforms her into a human, and the lovers marry.(Miss) Rori

Lord of the Flies Simon and Piggy are killed. The rest of the boys turn bad except for Ralph. When everything seems hopeless for Ralph, they are found and rescued.

The Low Life Andrew (Sean Astin) dies, and John (divine Rory Cochrane) quits the cynicism.

Mallrats T.S. (Jeremy London) and Brodie (Jason Lee) sneak onto the game show, disguised as contestants. There, T.S. proposes to Brandi (Clair Forlani), who accepts. Inspired by his best friends display of true love (and a little help from comic book legend Stan Lee), Brodie attempts to win Rene (Shannon Doherty) back from Shannon (Ben Afflek), the butt-loving store manager. Brodie gets Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) to wire a V.C.R. into the game shows video monitor system. Through this, they play a video of Shannon having sex with the under-aged Trisha. The cops arrest Shannon, and Brodie is reunited with Rene. Then, he is confronted by the network executives who were attending the show. They dump the show, but offer Brodie the chance to host the "Tonight Show". He accepts, and Rene becomes his band leader. T.S. weds Brandi at Universal Studio's, Florida. Trisha's book on the sex-drive of modern men becomes a best-seller and a movie is made of it. Shannon turns gay in Prison. Willem eventually see's the hidden image in the "magic eye" picture. Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (and a chimpanzee named Suzanne) walk of into the sunset (setting the stage for their next movie "Chasing Amy"). Ryan

Man on the Moon As actually happened, Andy Kaufman dies of a rare lung cancer at the end...but in the final scene set one year later one of his characters, Tony Clifton (who always denied being one-and-the-same with Andy) is seen performing - and the person who shared the role with Andy, Bob Zmuda, is only watching this performance, leaving it up in the air as to who it could really be, as per the urban legend that Andy faked his death.(Miss) Rori

Mars Attacks! The secret to defeating the aliens - Slim Whitman records, since the high notes shatter the aliens' helmets - is accidentally discovered when Richie goes to rescue his grandma. The only other major characters who survive are the President's daughter, Byron and Louise, Barbara Land, and Tom Jones.(Miss) Rori

The Matrix Neo shoots into the Agent dude and rips him apart and comes back alive because he's "The One". Jackaz

Me, Myself & Irene Charlie and Irene get back to Rhode Island with all the police and bad guys looking for them. Dicky kidnaps Irene and after Charlie and Hank find him, Charlie convinces Hank that he needs to confront Dicky and gets rid of Hank permanently. Whitey then kills Dicky and Charlie and Irene get married Alex

Men of Honor Cuba Gooding jr makes the rank of master diver overcoming all obsticals at the end his legs are taken out while he saves 2 sailors Mark Smith

Mikey Mikey kills everyone except Jesse and Ben. He runs away and is found later, but is thought to be another boy. He gets away with it and EVIL PREVAILS!

Mission to Mars Tim Robbins commits suicide. Tim Robbin's wife, the black guy and Gary Sinise go inside the big face and discover the meaning of life is to colonize other planets as the original Martians did to Earth. Gary Sinise stays behind to go to the next planet while the other two go back to their space ship and they all live happily ever after. Alex

Modern Vampires After making a deal with van helsing. Dallas(casper van dien) decides to take him to Dracula but they get ambushed and van helsing and Nico (natasha gregson wagner) get kidnapped at the hellfire club by the count.the gang members who worked for the van helsing transform into vampires after they sleep with one (earlier in the movie)Dallas becomes good buddies with then and they Rescue nico and van helsing the gangmembers kill Dracula Dallas transforms rachel(natasha lyonne) into a vampire to save her life (also earlier in the movie)where Dallas Nico and Rachel leave the hellfire club while van helsing goes to a group of cops searching for help when he too transforms into a vampire as well. David King

Momento Great Movie. This movie is told from backwards forward. Basically it is about Leonard (Guy Pierce) who has a very short term memory and relies on notes, photographs, and tattoos to help him find the rapist and killer of his wife. It's hard to tell you the story the way the movie shows it because it is flashback after flashback after flashback. Here's what happens: Leonard actually kills the rapist of his wife years before the action we witness. He was guided by a cop, Teddy who helped him track down the killer whose initials are J.G. Teddy's real initials are J.G also. Teddy sets up this drug dealer, Jimmy Grantz for Leonard to kill by mistake. After killing him, Teddy tells him that he actually killed the rapist years ago and that his wife (who is diabetic) has died due to insulin overdose (He was the reason why it happened). Because he has short term memory, he takes out the picture of Teddy and writes on the back "Don't trust his lies" and he burns the evidence that Jimmy G. was killed by him. As his memory fades, he targets Teddy for murder and is helped by spurn lover, Natalie (Carrie-Anne Moss) into killing Teddy. The funny thing is that we see Teddy die a minute into the movie and we go backwards from there. Brian 'Ebert' Lee

Monty Python's Holy Grail The Holy Grail turns out to be in another castle owned by the French Taunters. Arthur's army rushes the castle, but Arthur is arrested by the police for the murder of the elderly narrator earlier in the film. The police tell the army to disperse and then assault the camera man. Michael Hutchison

Monty Python's Life of Brian Brian is crucified and misses his pardon because he was talking. Michael Hutchison

Mother's Boys Jude (Jamie Lee Curtis) falls off the cliff and dies.

The Mummy Returns OK the deaths: The Rock dies (twice), Arnold Vosloo as Imhotep dies at the end, Patricia Velasquez dies in a sea of those black bug things, and Rachel Weisz dies. But fortunately, her 8 year old son can read egyptian and reincarnates her by reading something out of an old book. Brendan Fraser kills the Rock at the end and prevents the army of hell from coming to earth and killing everyone. Mac The Movieguy

Moulin Rouge The duke tires to kill Cjristian (Ewan McGregor) but fails.Satin (Nicole Kidman)reveals her true love for Chritian then because of her health dies of comsumption. Christian returns home and wirtes a book about his experiences at the Moulin Rouge. Matthew Malouf

Never Been Kissed Josie becomes cool when her brother Rob enrolls to hook up with the baseball team. He gets a coaching job instead and she hooks up with er English Teacher who Kisses her on a baseball field. Leslie W

The Neverending Story Bastian realizes that he is the human brought to Fantasia to rescue it because he has been reading the story of Atreyu's efforts to find just that person. By giving the Childlike Empress the new name (Moon Child) she needs to live (and thus for the kingdom to live), he is transported there himself and is able to restore Fantasia and its inhabitants through wishes before returning home.(Miss) Rori

Next Friday Craig and his cousin and friend are trying to steal some money from a group of Latino's so they can save Craigs uncles house from being taken by the IRS. They get the money Craig is then confronted by Debo and an a partner they end up kicking both of their asses and save the day. Since Craig was to live with his uncle because of Debo being escaping from jail Craig descides to go back home. jerry

Next Stop Wonderland Alan doesn't kill the fish, he takes it home instead. At the end of the movie, Alan and Erin finally meet eachother on the train.

The Patriot Heath Leadgers DIES!!!!!! and so does Mel Gibsons other son HEHE HE. Mel gibson massacres a whole army with a hammer. wilsonl

Pay It Forward Trevor (Haley Joel Osment) defendes his friend from some bullies, but is stabbed in the process and dies not long after

Pearl Harbor IF YOU NEED TO ASK ABOUT HOW PEARL HARBOR ENDED...YOU NEED TO SPEND MORE TIME IN SCHOOL AND LESS TIME AT THE MOVIES.... After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Colonel Dolittle (Alec Baldwin) leads a bombing raid on Tokyo. Danny (Josh Hertnett) and Raife (Ben Afflek) are chosen to pilot bombers in the attack. Before leaving, Raife confronts Evelyn (Kate Beckinsale) and asks her why she left him for Danny. She tells Raife that she is pregnant with Danny's son. The bombing is succesful in destroying Japanese weapon factories, but two of the planes run out of fuel and crash in Japanese occupied China. Danny is captured, but Raife kills the Japanese soldiers holding him. He runs out of bullets and is fired upon by the Japanese, but Danny steps in front of him and is shot in his place. Danny dies, but the others are rescued by Chinese soldiers. Raife returns to Pearl Harbor and steps in to raise the child for Danny. They name the boy after his real father. Frank Rizzo + Ryan

The Perfect Storm In the end mark walberg and George clooney and all the other other fisherman die at sea. They have a big funeral and walbergs girlfriend says she still dreams of him.

The Phantom It turns out that the last of the mystic skulls is the one in the Phantom's ring. Michael Hutchison

Phantom Menace Liam Neeson gets stabbed and the dude with the freaky makeup gets cut in half. Obi-Wan stupidly decides to train Darth Vader. Disguised as a kindly old man who loves his planet and everybody, the future evil emperor becomes leader of the Senate. Unfortunately, Jar Jar "Meesa bein back for the sequel" Binks lives....Russell

Pitch Black OK. Everyone except Vin Diesel, the black religious guy, and the kid die. Even the main character. Oh, by the way, that kid who appears to be a boy is actually a girl, and the police officer is just a bounty hunter looking for extra dough. Vin Diesel never hurts anyone except the bounty hunter, but he doesn't kill him. Mac The Movieguy

Planet of the Apes Taylor (Charlton Heston) escapes the city with the help of Cornelius (Roddy McDowell) and Zira (Kim Hunter). They travel to Cornelius's archeological site in the forbidden zone, where he claims he has found proof that primitive man was once an intellegant creature. They are followed by Dr. Zaius (Maurice Evans) and a group of armed gorilla's. There is a short fight that ends with the capture of Zaius by Taylor. They all enter the cave where they find several artifacts, including eye glasses and a replacement heart-valve. Zaius refuses to beleive that any if this is definitive until they find a baby doll that makes talking sounds. Zaius reveals that he has known all along that man was once an intellegant beiong, but they squandered what they had and destroyed their civilization. Taylor and Nova (Linda Harrison) leave the apes and travel down the shore, where they find the crumbling remnants of the statue of liberty, washed ashore. Taylor figures it all out. He has landed on earth, decimated by war 2,000 years in the future. Ryan

Planet of the Apes (Tim Burton) Leo recovers equipment from his pod that allow him to find his ship. He finds it burried and activates a recording that reveals his ship crashed looking for him. His shipmates never find him because he gets punched forward in time. In the past the apes led by the teacher's-pet-ape Semos, and apes take over and build the society Leo arrives in. Thade tries to kill everyone and cover it up, but Leo manages to lock him in the ship. Leo leaves in another pod that was piloted by a chimp. emmette

The Presidio A military policewoman is fatally shot while investigating a break-in at the Presidio, an army base in San Francisco. Sean Connery is the provost marshall in charge of the military investigation, while Mark Harmon, formerly an MP under Connery's command, is a San Francisco PD inspector who knew the slain MP. Connery and Harmon hate each other, they quarrel through most of the film, during which Harmon beds Meg Ryan (Connery's daughter) and Connery pals around with his war buddy Jack Warden. Turns out the major who got Harmon in trouble during his MP days is involved with the murder, but is killed before any associations can be made. Finally, in the last twenty minutes of the seemingly endless film, we learn that Mark Blum, a wealthy businessman and former CIA provincial advisor in Vietnam, was using his water delivery business to smuggle diamonds from the Philippines and one of his workers accidentally delivered a water bottle filled with gems to the Presidio officers club and the MP was killed by the major while retrieving the parcel. Furthermore, the major was blackmailing Jack Warden into helping him with the scheme, but his conscience prevails and he throws in the towel, and is then killed, but Connery and Harmon blast up the water warehouse real good and kill all the bad guys and live happily ever after in this more appropriate for television bore. Nester Feldkirsch

Primal Fear ed norton(the defendant) comes out to be innocent and is sent to a mental institution because he plead insane. he talks to his lawyor one more time after the trial and showed him that he doesnt have 2 personalities he just acted the innocent little quire boy one out! Nate

The Prince of Egypt Moses leads his people to the promised land through the split Red Sea and smooshes up all of Ramses' troops. The really bizarre thing, however, is that Ramses himself doesn't get killed. He just gets thrown ashore and looks really sad. Hmmm, I'll bet they just wanted to keep it open for a sequel...Marcus Alexander Hart

psycho It turns out that norman bates was doing all the killing, he would dress up as his mother (he has split persanality) .jarrett macdonald

Pulp Fiction Okay, this is tough since the movie is done out of sequence, so I'll try and arrange it. Vince Vega (John Travolta) and Jules Winfield (Sam Jackson) kill the baddies, retrieve the case with the unrevealed contents (There is a rumor that the suitcase supposedly contained Marcellus's soul, but it was denied by Tarantino) and escape. They succeed in disposing of Marvin's body. They also foil Honeybunny and Pumpkin's attempt to rob the coffee shop. Vince save's Mia (Uma Thurman) from overdosing. Then, Vince is hired to kill Butch Coolidge (Bruce Willis) after he failed to throw the boxing match and killed his opponent. Butch elludes Vince and kills him with his own gun. Butch runs into Marcellus himself while trying to escape. The two almost kill eachother, but are captured by two homosexual rednecks. Butch escapes them, but rather than fleeing, helps save Marcellus. In return, Marcellus frees Butch, but tells him never to return to L.A. Butch agree's, picks up his girlfriend, and leaves. Ryan

The Real Blonde Mary and Joe get back together and live happily ever after. Bob and Sahara end up together, as well.

Red Planet Gallhager (Val Kilmer) and Quinn (Tom Sizemore) discover that there is life on Mars. The planet is populated by small insectile creatures that exhale oxygen. That is why they can breath. Quinn is critically injured by the robot and dies, but not before setting off an explosion that kills the insects and slowly destroys the atmosphere. Gallagher is left stuck on Mars. He finds an old Russian probe he can use in order to fly back to the ship stuck in orbit with Kate (Carrie-Anne Moss). But he is attacked by the robot. After a little trickery, he kills the robot and makes it to the ship. He and Kate decide to tell the earth scientists about the creatures in order to save earth. Oh yeah, and they have lots of sex on the way back. Ryan

Reservoir Dogs Mr Oroange (Tim Roth) is actually an undercover cop named Freddy Newendyke. Freddie was shot by a civilian when Mr. White/a.k.a. Larry (Harvey Kietel) stole her car. Freddie shot and killed her without thinking. Mr Brown (Quentin Tarantino) is shot in the head by the police, but still ,somehow, drives the getaway car for a while. Mr. Pink escaped the store with the diamonds. Pink, White, & Nice Guy Eddie (Chris Penn) leave to retrieve them and leave Mr Blonde (Michael Madsen) with Freddy and the hostage cop Marvin. Blonde goes crazy, cuts off the cops ear, and is killed by Freddy. Pink, White, & Eddie return and kill the cop. Then Joe shows up, revealing who Freddy is. But White refuses to beleive him. There is a big shoot out which results in the deaths of Joe and Eddie. White and Freddy get hurt pretty bad. Freddy reveals himself to White, who takes it badly and shoots Freddy in the head. Pink tries to escape with the diamonds, but is shot and captured by the pol! ice, who then enter the warehouse and kill White Ryan

Rushmore Mr. Blume ends up with Miss Cross, Max ends up with Margaret Yang. And despite the fact that they have been dueling to the pain for Miss Cross for the whole movie, everybody seems to live happily ever after.Marcus Alexander Hart

Safe Passage Percival is found alive in the ruins of the building.

Saving Private Ryan A bunch of soldiers goes out to search for a Private Ryan during a war. As it ends up he doesn't want to go back and the leader of the troup (Tom Hanks)dies, as well as some other men. Larissa

Scarface After being shipped off from cuba to the U.S. Tony Montana (AL Pachino) meets a coulple of drug dealers and gets offered a job. After hearing how well Tony did the big drug dealer wants to meet him and his friend Manny Rivera (Steven Bauer). They get to his mansion and Tony starts to get the hots for his wife. After a couple of jobs Tony starts to gain power and kill the boss and marry his wife (Michelle Phiefer). After becoming the big boss he starts to become a mess and ends up killing Manny because he married his sister behind his back, breaks up with his wife, and dies after becoming a one army and killing half of hiss rivals men. Insane

Scary Movie Everyone Dies and Doofy runs off with tv reporter Miki

The Score Robert De Niro is enticed back into the "game" to make one last "score" by Marlon Brando. Brando needs money to pay off the mob, "or else!" Brando insists that Ed Norton help with the heist. De Niro does not trust the young upstart, and for good reason. Ed Norton plans to "keep all the money" for himself, after "the score." The score is made, (they steal some kind of French artifact from an old building in Montreal, Canada) and Ed Norton pretends to be "a retard." Ed Norton double-crosses De Niro, but in the end it turns out that Robert De Niro was "too smart" for Ed Norton, and Norton is left "holding the bag." Loren Richard Klahs

Scream And the killers are.. Billy (Sidney's boyfriend) and his wacky yet adorable friend, Stuart.

Scream 2 And the killers are.. Billy's mom (disguised as clumsy reporter Debbie Salt) and a guy that's rarely seen in the movie?! - the one who's not Derek (Sidney's current boyfriend, who by the way dies in the end) and not Andy, you know (Mickey maybe??). this time more people die, only sidney and Gale and Dewey survive the horror!

Scream 3 Jay and Silent Bob are in the movie, there is a video tape from the guy who always talked about movies and the killer is Sidney's brother. What Sidney has a brother? Of course, that's how they link it to the first one. Sidney's mom was a whore and the brother is pissed..President Clinton

Searching For Bobby Fisher Josh competes in the chess competition, and it finally comes down to him and the arrogant kid. As the two of them face off, Josh excels by incorporating the best tactics of both of his tutors. Finally stumped, Josh stares at the board until he sees victory many moves away. He offers his opponent a draw and offers to share victory. The other boy refuses and plays him to the very end. Josh leaves to find his friend Max, who is disappointed that he lost so early. Josh tells him, "Want to know a secret? You're a much stronger player than I was at your age." Michael Hutchison

se7en Mills gets his wife's head in an express delivery and then he kills John Doe (Kevin Spacey).

The Seventh Sign Jurgen Prochnow, who frolicks through the island of Dominica at the beginning (supposed to be Haiti) is actually Jesus delivering the seven signs leading up to the apocalypse. Father Lucci, the seemingly compassionate priest, is actually Cartaphilis, Pilate's gatekeeper, who struck Jesus and was cursed to walk forever until the world ended (so he wants the signs to be carried out). Prochnow doesnt want to destroy the world, but he is merely a servant of god and must obey. Of course Demi Moore, who is pregnant, is actually the virgin Mary reincarnated, and her baby is the messiah, if she can save him with hope. After deciphering the signs with the help of a young jewish student, Demi tries to save a retarded kid from the California death chamber (who killed his sibbling parents) to stop the signs, but Lucci kills him and fatally wounds Demi, but not before her baby is delivered and she pledges her life to save the kid's and the world's. Note: Demi Moore appears totally naked and pregnant in this film. Jeep Doonkins

Shakespeare in Love Gwyn actually marries the butthead who she is arranged to wed, and in the gloom of losing his true love forever, Will sits down to write the madcap comedy Twelfth Night. Go figure.Marcus Alexander Hart

The Shining Jack (Jack Nicholson) goes insane and attacks Wendy (Shelly Duvall). She knocks him out and locks him in a freezer. But the spirit of Grady (Phillip Stone) releases him. Danny (Danny Lloyd) is able to send a message to Dick Halloren (Scatman Crothers), who comes to the house to rescue the family. He is unsuccesful and Jack kills him with an ax. Wendy escapes from Jack through a window in the bathroom. Jack turns his attention to Danny, whom he chases into the garden maze. Danny tricks Jack by running blindly into the maze, retracing his steps, and hiding in the brush. Jack runs past him and Danny leaves the maze. Danny finds his mother and they escape in Dicks snow-mobile. Jack gets trapped in the maze and freezes to death. The next day, there is a new picture in the banquet room of the overlook hotel. It's a snap-shot from the New Years eve ball of 1932, and in the middle of the crowd is Jack. Ryan

Shrek Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) once had a spell cast upon her that allowed her to be a beautiful princess by day, but transformed her into an ogre by night. Shrek (Mike Myers) rejects his feelings for her and delivers her to Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow) so they can be married. Donkey (Eddie Murphy), however, is able to convince Shrek to do the right thing. Shrek burts into the church, only to be humiliated by Farquaad in front of the townspeople. Fiona realises she loves Shrek as the sunset approaches, and shows him her true form. Farquaad is sent into an outrage, claiming the kingdom for his own and ordering that both Shrek and Fiona be arrested. Suddenly, Donkey and the Drogan burst into the church. The Dragon eats Farquaad. The releived kingdom set Shrek and Fiona free. Fiona, now free of the spell since she has found her true love, remains an ogre and marries Shrek. Shrek all of the sudden, grows a heart and invites both the town and the fairy tale creatures to ! his wedding, where Donkey and the seven dwarves perform an interesting rendition of "Daydream Beleiver". Ryan

The Silence Of The Lambs In the end of the movie, Hannibal Lecter breaks free and plans to have someone for dinner..

A Simple Plan Billy-Bob and Bill Paxton kill the other guy, and then Billy-Bob forces Paxton to shoot him too. And when all is said and done, Paxton and his weird teeth end up burning all of the money like he said he was going to do all along, leaving him and his bratty wife to live forever in the ironic misery of the same lives that had made them so happy before.Marcus Alexander Hart

The 6th Day Arnold finds out he's been cloned, and is marked for assassination by assassins who gets killed over and over again. Arnold discovers that he's really the clone, and not the guy who's living in his house. At the end, there's 2 Arnold's fighting the bad guys, and they blow up the cloning building with all the bad guys. Ron Barmapov

The Sixth Sense It turns out that Bruce Willis was killed in the beginning of the movie, and he's actually a ghost for the rest of the film. christine

Sliding Doors Short-haired Helen dies, Long-haired helen puts an end to her relationship with ugly brit-boy, and meets James in the elevator.. again... by the way, James didn't cheat on short-haired Helen, he was kissing his soon-to-be-ex only for his mother's sake.

So, I Married an Axe Murderer It turns out Rose has been killing all of Harriet's husbands and leaving notes for Harriet saying that they're leaving her. Of course, she is caught this time, and Charlie and Harriet live happily ever after. Sarah

South Park During the USO show for the US troops, the Canadians attack, as the kids try to rescue Terrance and Phillip. Cartman gets shocked, which screws up his V-chip in his head. Stan finds the clitoris, who tells him to help stop the war. Satan and Saddam Hussein begin Armageddon, but whenever Cartman curses the V-chip shoots electricity at Saddam Hussein. Satan throws him back into hell. Kenny gets to go to heaven, all those who died in the war are revived, and everyone is happy. Alex

Spartacus The rebellion is squashed by the Romans. When told that they will be spared if they turn over their leader, Spartacus, everyone claims to be him. All slaves are crucified except for Spartacus and his buddy. Spartacus kills his friend in order to spare him the pain. Spartacus' wife is given her freedom by a kind member of the Senate. As she is being driven from the city, she sees her crucified husband. Showing him their newborn baby, she says, "This is your son. Your son is free!" Michael Hutchison

Stand and Deliver All 18 of the kids suspected of cheating pass, and a graphic at the bottom informs the reader that more and more kids passed the advanced placement tests every year since 1982. The math teacher lets loose with a little punch in the air. Michael Hutchison

Star Trek: Insurrection The aging crew of the Enterprise-E help the pretty, perfect, not-never-hurtin'-no-nobody colonists save their utopian planet from the ugly-ass, nasty-face, hard-core evil skin stretching freaks. Cripes, did you really need a spoiler page to tell you how this one was going to end?Marcus Alexander Hart

Star Wars: A New Hope Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guiness) shuts down the tractor beam while Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammil) and Han Solo (Harrison Ford) free Princess Liea (Carrie Fisher). Han, Liea, and Luke are reunited with R2-D2 (Kenny Baker) and C3P-0, but are unable to save Obi-Wan, who is killed by Darth Vader (David Prowse, voiced by James Earl Jones). They escape to Yavin Four and are told how to destroy the Daeth Star. There is an exhaust Port in a surface trench that leads to the inner systems. Han leaves to pay off his debts and Luke flies with the attack force against the Death Star, but the squad is almost wiped out by Vader and his fighters. Vader locks in his sights on Luke, but is stopped by Han in the Millenium Falcon, who has returned after being struck by his consiance. Han destroys the enemy crafts and sends Vader's craft flying uncontrollably into space. Luke destroys the Death Star and they retreat to Yavin. There, Han, Luke, and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) are honored with medals. Ryan

Star Wars: Episode 1 Anakin Skywalker is to be trained as a Jedi Knight. Qui Gon is killed by Darth Maul. Obi Wan kills Darth Maul after seeing his Master murdered. It looks cool, Obi is hanging off the side of a long drop-off... he uses the force to grab Qui Gon's lightsaber while jumping over Maul and then CHOPS HIM IN HALF!!! Palpatine is Darth Sidious. Amidala clearly has a thing for YOUNG ANAKIN. Pedophile! In Episode 2, Anakin is a lot older, Obi Wan is his master and Amidala and Anakin fall madly in love. It ends with Amidala and Anakin getting married. How do I know this? because I read the screenplay. MEDIA JACKAL OUT! MediaJackal

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Lando Callrisian (Billy Dee Williams) gives in to Darth Vader (James Earl Jones) and freezes Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in carbonite. Han is then given to the bounty hunter Boba Fett to be delivered to Jabba the Hutt, whom Han owes substantial debts to. Princess Liea (Carrie Fisher) and Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) have been told they will remain on Bespin, but Vader decides to take them with him instead. Meanwhile, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammil) leaves his training with Yoda (Frank Oz) and heads out to save his friends. Luke arrives and his attacked by Vader, who cuts of Luke's hand. Luke is prepared to die, but first Vader gives Luke a little information. Darth Vader didn't kill Luke's father Anikin. Vader IS Anikin, Luke's father. Luke, heartbroken, throws himself down a work shaft and is trapped, hangin miles above the planet. Liead, Chewie and Lando escape from the city, but Liea is sent a message from Luke, and they return to save him. Luke recieves a new, robotic, hand, and Lando leaves with Chewie aboard the Millenium Falcon in the hope to find and rescue Han. Ryan

Starship Troopers The first half an hour they show some teens and their recruitement in a future army of earth. (skip the first 45 minutes to be sure) After that they kill a billion bugs on a lonely planet. And then they all shoot and you see blood and gutter all around. End is that they kill a "queen" bug and save the babe who was captured by it. dive242

Stigmata During the scene, where first stigmas appear on the wrists of the main character, while she sits in the bath tub watching the misterious dove flying away; just a few seconds before the actual event takes place (spoiler is so obvious!)you can see stigmas ALREADY on the wrists of the actress! They, according to the folowing spirit atack, apear AFTER it...Such a beautiful, spiritual movie, but what a bummer! It kills all the charms of it :( Jafar Kuliyev

Street Fighter Guile (jean claude van damme) and his military squad save the day. the other fighters settle there disputes with General Bisons(raul julia) men and help guiles solders rescue the hostages. Dee Jay and Sagat steal suitcase full of cash when later on find out they are double crossed with counterfeit cash with bisons face on. the other fighters think guile is dead when the detonator goes off destroying bisons complex but guile survives and says he needs a vacation. Its all a happy ending but u think twice after the credits roll Bision is still alive. David King

Superman Superman struggles and struggles to catch up to one of the two nuclear warheads and throws it into space. The other one goes off. There is much devastation, and Lois Lane dies. Grief-stricken, Superman turns back time by racing around the globe backwards with such speed that if he'd just gone that fast after the missiles there wouldn't BE a problem. He then lands by Lois, who is now not in any danger of an upcoming earthquake for some reason. Lex Luthor goes to jail and takes his hair off. Michael Hutchison

Superman II Superman reverses the molecular chamber so that it is the Kryptonians outside who are changed into regular humans. (For some reason, the previously excruciating process goes unnoticed by the Phantom Zone criminals.) Their powers gone, the Zone escapees fall to their deaths in the misty depths of the Fortress of Solitude (or, if you're watching the special version, you can see them being led away to jail by the arctic police). Superman then wipes away very precise bits of Lois Lane's memory by kissing her, so that she doesn't remember learning Superman's secret identity and then shacking up. This leaves her completely baffled when she's "late" the following month. (Okay, that last bit didn't happen.) Michael Hutchison

Superman III Superman blows up the computer. Michael Hutchison

Superman IV: Quest For Peace Superman defeats Nuclear Man and puts Lex Luthor back in prison. Michael Hutchison

Swordfish Gabriel IS still alive, as is Ginger, and the two are together in Monte Carlo. There, they take the money from the account and use it to start an anti-terrorism war by killing an Arab terrorist who bombed the U.S. embassy in Istanbul. Ryan

Terminator The Terminator goes back in time to kill Sarah Conner. Also a solider goes back to protect Sarah Conner. The Terminator finds 3 Sarah Conners living within a 10 mile radius (imagine that). Systematically starts to kill all 3 one at a time. Solider rescues the correct Sarah Conner. Both Sarah and Solider get cornered in a press room. Solider gets killed by Terminator. Sarah crushes Terminator in press. Spare parts from Terminator go to sequel. Mistrmind

13 Days Somewhere in time in a place that seems far, far away there were some Big Bad Russkies that put some nasty rocket ships and missles in Cuba with bombs aimed at The United States. When The United States found out about this, President Kennedy and his brother Bobby got real pissed off. They tell the Russkies to move those things, or else? The Russkies say, "What things? Surely you are joking?" In a period of 13 days a lot of weird stuff happens. But just before global nuclear war is about to break out, the Russkies say, "OK, you guys, you caught us," and the Russkies remove the bombs and stuff. In the final scene Kevin Coster's small son is having breakfast with the family, and he says "Mommy, why is daddy crying?" Kevin Costner is crying because the whole world and mankind, as we know it, almost got blowed up. THE END. Loren Richard Klahs

3 Kings George Clooney, Marky Mark sans the funky bunch, some dude I don't remember his name and a dumb hick find a map to Saddam's gold bunker duing the end of the Iraqui war. In the process of finding the gold for themselves, they encounter a large group of Iraqi civillians that are about to be put to death for defying Saddam. George, Mark and the not so funky bunch instead give up the gold to get the civillians to safety across the Iraq/Iran border. Mistrmind

Titan A.E. The Drej Mothership blows up,then the Titan creates a new earth which Cale calls Bob. Al Gore

Titanic Jake dies in the icy water, while rose somehow survives. Old rose throws the precious stone to the water (yeah, she's the one who kept it all these years) and then she dies.

To Die For Larry's family hire a mob guy to kill Suzanne, and she's thrown under the ice field.

Tomb Raider Not much to say...she sides w/ the bad guys and goes to Siberia to look for the third piece of the triangle which will open the doors of time and space. Battle ensues, she gets the piece but ends up destroying the Triangle...along w/ the power to go back and forth thru time. She kills the bad guy, goes back to her fly mansion, where she finally decides to wear a dress, and her butler gives her her two precious guns that she uses to practice some ass-kicking with the robot. I smell sequel here... Daniel S.

Top Gun Goose dies, Iceman wins the Top Gun competion. Maverick, Ice, and a few other pilots go to a real dog fight in the pacicfic and maverick gets the girl. pretty short hu? Ramy Ramirez

Toy Story 2 Woody, Bullseye and Jessie escape being sent to Japan in a last minute rescue from the departing plane, and join Buzz and the others at Andy's house, having decided that being loved for a while by someone is better than life as a glassed-in exhibit. Stinky Pete (who was going to force them all to go with him as the complete set as no child had ever appreciated him) winds up in the hands of a particularly "artistic" girl. The new-model Buzz Lightyear bonds with his dad, Emperor Zurg. Rex, having "lived" the adventure, no longer feels compelled to finish the video game. And Wheezy the penguin is fixed. (Miss) Rori

Traffic The Tijuana story: Javier's partner Manolo (Jacob Vargas) is killed by Obregon's men when he tries to sell information to the DEA that General Salazar's working with the still-alive Madrigal to bring down the Obregon cartel. Javier (Benicio el Toro) is taken in as one of Obregon's men, but ends up telling the DEA the same things that Manolo was killed for.
The San Diego Story: Helena (Catherine Zeta-Jones) engineers the survival of her husband's business, and arranges for the assasination of Eduardo Ruiz (Miguel Ferrer) before he can testify against her husband. During the first assasination attempt, Castro (Luis Guizman) is killed in a car bomb meant to kill Ruiz. Ruiz is later killed in his hotel room, and the charges against Carlos Ayala (Steven Bauer) are dropped because Ruiz can't testify against him. Ayala, after being freed, arranges Arnie Metzger's (Dennis Quaid's) death for horning in on his business, house and wife. Gordon (Don Cheadle) breaks into the house and pretends to pick a fight so he can plant a bug under Ayala's desk.
The Cincinnati Story: After finding his daughter prostituting herself to finance her drug habit, Wakefield (Michael Douglas) breaks down during a press conference and walks away from the drug czar job. Harry Henderson

Trainspotting Mark takes the money and leaves his friends penniless.. Except for Spud, of course!

The Truman Show Truman finds out his "father" didn't really die and that the whole world watches his life, confronts his fear of water and sails away to the real world!!

True Romance Clarence and Alabama get away from the shooting, and raise their child somewhere really nice. Clarence becomes a one-eye guy, in case you're interested.

12 Monkeys The ending of this movie should be no surprise. Throughout the film we are confronted with James Cole's dream of seeing a man get shot in an airport, the film implies that this man is James, the woman Screaming is kathryn and the little boy is James as a young child. So you are left thinking, how are they gonna get out of it. Well the beauty of this film is they don't get out of it. James dies just like he is supposed to. Take that Hollywood. The good news is that the virus spreader (Dr. Goine's assistant) meets up with the female scientist from the future who is under the guise of being in insurance. She tells him that the destruction of humans is a good idea and we are left assuming that she will get on his good side so she can retrieve the antidote and bring it back with her to the future so that her people can once again live on the surface of the Earth. Brad McLean

28 Days So like Sandra Bullock has this "little drinking problem" right? She goes to her sister's wedding and has a few mishaps like falling head first into the wedding cake and crashing the Bride & Groom's limo into a house. Big Deal. Then her humorless relatives stick her in rehab. So like it's really, really gross there and she can't drink, or anything. She meets this really, really "cute guy" (Viggo M.) but whadda' ya know...he's a "sex addict!" Just when things are "heating up with Sandra and Viggo" out in the barn, Sandra has to go and have a cow or something. Like, she yells at Viggo for no good reason and he leaves her with the horses. Later when she decides to make up with Viggo, she goes to his room only to find Viggo shirtless with another girl doing it "doggie style." And then, for no good reason, guess what? Sandra Bullock is all pissed off,... "again." What's with this broad? Can't she take a joke? Then a bunch of other stuff happens like her room-mate kills herself, and she gets all "moody" and stuff. So then, like the 28 days pass and Sandra Bullock gets to go back home to her apartment in New York City, where her fiancee takes her out for "a few drinks." Here we go again, Sandra gets all "peeved" and she tells her boyfriend "It's over!" The boyfriend/fiancee seems a little annoyed with Sandra, after all she's been kind of bummed out ever since she gave up drinking. So she walks away, and he goes back to the bar to have some real fun with other groovy chicks. It is now several months later, and Sandra wanders into a "flower shop" where she finds one of the guys from the Re-Hab Center. Like he's all "crying" and tearful because he's like..."gay" and can't find a boyfriend. Also, his housplant has just died. He totally breaks down, and Sandra puts her arm around him and they leave the "flower shop" together in what could have been the start of yet another romance. Only one problem. Sandra doesn't have a dick. THE END. Loren Richard Klahs

2001: A Space Odyssey The computor HAL (voiced by Douglas Rain) makes a wrong calculation and Frank Poole (Gary Lockwood) and David Bowman (Kier Dullea) decide to shut him down. But HAL seems to posses a sense of self preservation. HAL breaks Frank's air supply and sends him flying off into deep space. Next, HAL attempts to kill David by stranding him outside the ship, but he breaks the air-lock and is sucked in. David enters the main system control room and deactivates HAL. Once he is finished, a recording plays automatically, revealing the true objective of their mission. Mankind was created by a large rectangular peice of solid metal, known as a "Monolith". The monolith awakened something inside the minds of the primitive apes mind, teaching them how to start fire, create tools, and use weapons. Scientists have found another monolith buried under the surface of the moon and now believe that the monolith may have come from the planet Jupiter. David travels to the orbit of Jupiter and is sucked into a form of time-spacial vortex. The vortex is so powerful that, after it gives David a series of dream-like vision, it turns him into a super-being, traveling the universe in a giant "bubble" of pure power. Ryan

Unbreakable Bruce willis finds out he can not be hurt which therefore makes him a super hero, Sam Jackson's character is the complete oppisite of Willis, which means he can be hurt by the slightest touch...So Willis is the Hero, Jackson is the Villan "Mr. Glass"...come to find out Jackson has created plane crashes, hotel fires, train wrecks, trying to figure out who can survive all of these ...Willis is his answer...Willis puts Jackson in prison gio rizzo

Urban Legend The Noxzema Girl (Rebecca Gayheart) turns out to be the killer in the end. Don't look for any foreshadowing of it though, you won't find any.Marcus Alexander Hart

The Usual Suspects "Verbal" Kint doesn't really exist, and the bad guy is actually Keyser Soze (Kevin Spacey)

Valentine A group of teenagers make fun of the ugly boy in a valentine's ball. He ends up in a mad's house and later in jail. Of course, he comes back some years later for revenge. He kills all of them except one, his girlfriend now. Or course, the killer is David Boreanaz. AH, he is alcoholic too. Denise Richards dies in a jacuzzi during a party, by electroshock. Idoia

Vertical Limit in the end of the movie the old dude killed himself in order to save chris o'donnell and his sister and by doing so killed bill paxton who had actually killed the expedition leader and the old guy's wife. and yes chris made the big jump across the cliff's. The Brevik's

The Waterboy Sandler ends up getting his highschool degree, wins the big superbowl game thing, and marries the girl with his mothers blessing. ell

What Lies Beneath Adultery gone bad. Michelle's character discovers that her husband, Harrison Ford, killed his mistress to cover up his affair, and then he tries to kill her. In the end justice prevails and the ghost of the dead mistress gets her revenge when Harrison dies. Michael C. Wright

Whipped Four guys meet for lunch (three of them single, and one married.) They lie to each other about their "wild and crazy" sexual adventures. Later the three single guys all find "true love" with Amanda Peet, a very sexy girl. You see, each one of them meet her at different times, and they are unaware of the fact that all three of them are dating the same hot chick. Later when the married friend finds out about the dilemma, he goes over to her place and tells her that she is breaking up that "old gang of mine." She tells the married guy that she knew about this all along, and that she wanted to teach them all a lesson about "using women for sex." She goes down on the married guy, and later the four friends all meet for lunch. Loren Richard Klahs

The Wild Bunch At the end, the wild bunch fight the Mexican army cuz the general killed Angel. Pike blows away all three generals, and they all take the machine gun and blast away hundreds of mexicans! mexicans flying everywhere! over 200 killed all, u get to see. but the wild bucnh all die in the fight. Thornton comes to late and the old wild bucnh guy and him ride off togethjer happily jmanx

Woman on Top Okay, the gal (Pénelope Cruz) is a Brazilian femme who gets sick (as in seasick) whenever she isn't under control, so she has to be 'on top' (hence the title) when she has sex with her husband. He wants to feel more manly, so he betrays her and she finds out and runs away to the states, were she gets a hit cooking program on tv, and there's the producer she kinda gets a thing with. But then her husband comes to get her back, big mess, blah blah blah, paryers to their Brazilian sea goddess, blah blah blah, she ends returning with her husband to Brazil were they re-open their restaurant (closed while he left to get her back home) and she gets to be on top happily ever after. Oh, and there is a hint that the producer ends with Penélope's friend, Mónica (who is actually a guy). Gariongirl