Last Dance When cindy (Sharon Stone) is 3 minutes from dying, comes a phone call from the judge which postpones the execution; a couple of hours later she's executed for real.

Last of the Mohicans Daniel Day Lewis, Russell Means, and Eric Schweig are the last three Mohicans ever (sure) who roam upstate New York trying to stop the Huron suckas backed by the French. They save Madeline Stowe, Jodhi May, and Steven Waddington from a war party raid, take them to their fort, which is captured, then they have to flee the Hurons, led by revenge-bent Wes Studi. When held prisoner again, Waddington volunteers to be brutally executed in place of Stowe, while Jodhi May jumps off a cliff after Schweig is killed in a duel for her honor by Studi. Means (Schweig's onscreen father) gets superbly pissed and uses his combination boomerang, club, and knife to dispatch Studi in one of only three exciting action sequences in the whole movie. Then Lewis, Means, and Stowe watch the sun set from the cliffs in a typically cheesy ending. Lester Diamond

Legally Blonde Reese Witherspoon is a "Valley Girl" from UCLA. She loves this really, really cute guy, but he dumps her because he is going to Harvard to become a lawyer. Reese decides to go to Harvard too! She surprises him in the ivy-covered halls of Harvard Law School, only to discover that he has a new girlfriend. Reese becomes really, really sad and thinks about going home to Los Angeles where her girlfriends are having lots of "groovy" times and stuff. But after a run-in of sorts with some dykes and pseudo-intellectuals, she decides to stay and finish Law School. Before she graduates at the top of her class, her mentor tries to "feel her up," and she gets really, really grossed out. And then for some unknown reason one of her friends needs a lawyer because the friend has been accused of killing her 60 year old husband. "Yuk." The friend is a twenty-something aerobic instructor from L.A. and when asked why such a cute young chick would marry such an old gross guy, she indicates that he had a very, very large "pee-pee." All seems lost, and it looks like the cute aerobic instructor is heading for the gas chamber. But then......Reese Witherspoon has a "special moment" where she traps the real killer in an off-guard moment on the witness stand. Reese wins the case, The aerobic instructor is a free woman, and by the end of this movie, Reese Witherspoon meets another really, really cute guy (Luke Wilson.) Loren Richard Klahs

The Little Mermaid (Disney) Ariel doesn't receive the kiss from Eric in time (which means she is a mermaid again) and Ursula manages to use her as ransom for her father Triton's kingdom. Eric comes to rescue Ariel, and Ursula, swelling to monstrous proportions, attempts to kill them both. Eric defeats her by stabbing her with the bowsprit of a shipwreck the battle dredges to the surface; her death releases all the merpeople (including Triton) that she had imprisoned with her powers. Triton, realizing how much Ariel loves Eric, permanently transforms her into a human, and the lovers marry. (Miss) Rori

Lord of the Flies Simon and Piggy are killed. The rest of the boys turn bad except for Ralph. When everything seems hopeless for Ralph, they are found and rescued.

The Low Life Andrew (Sean Astin) dies, and John (divine Rory Cochrane) quits the cynicism.