Kalifornia Brad Pitt is a bad person. He kidnaps David Duchovny's wife in the movie and eventually (David) gets her back and kills Brad Pitt. Brad's wife (in the movie) gets killed.

Keeping the Faith Rabbi Jake decides he wants to stay with Anna and stops her from leaving New York. She and Jake come to the karaoke center Father Brian and Jake have set up. Father Brian, though still in love with Anna, is happy that Anna and Rabbi Jake are happy together. Everyone is happy when they find out Anna has been taking classes in Judaism (sp?) and thus maybe converting and solving any problems that his congregation may have about her not being Jewish. Jennifer Davis

The Killing The heast goes pretty well until Sherry (Marie Windsor) hires men to steal the money. George (Elisha Cook) discovers this and there is a big shoot out which leaves everyone dead except Johnny (Sterling Haden) and Fay (Coleen Gray). They pack the money into a suitcase and try to leave the country, but the case is too big to be carry-on and the airline insists on storing it under the plane. The case is point on a cart and taken to the plane, but it all goes bad. A elderly woman is standing with a little dog, waiting for a relative to arive. The dog becomes excited and runs onto the airfield. The cart stops too quickly and the suitcase falls off, spilling the money everywhere. Fay tries to convince Johnny to run, but he sees no point in it and surrenders to the authorities. Ryan

King of Comedy They tie up the comedian with loads of tape, and robert de niro goes on TV to do his lame routine, then they arrest him but he becomes really famous. ta-da! jeepsta

Kingpin Roy Munson (Woody Harrelson) ends up losing the bowling competition to to Ernie McKracken (Bill Murray), but he ends up become a spokesperson for Trojan condoms and they call him the rubber man cuz of his hand. He then gives the money he gets from Trojan the amish community and it's saved. Also, Roy ends up making out with Claudia at the end of the movie and it's kind of inferred that they will end up having a relationship. Ryan Maloney

A Knight's Tale OK. No biggies here. Heath Ledger's father isn't really dead, just blind. Heath becomes a real knight because he gets knighted and Heath manages to beat the bad guy. Oh and he gets the girl. Mac The Movieguy