Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith) make it to hollywood. They rescue Suzanne, who is being used to play the killer in the new "Scream" movie, and escape the studio security guards. They are then mistaken for Jason Biggs and James Van Derbeek, who are playing them in the movie. They are taken to the set and are forced to a "Bong-Saber" dual against the villain "Cock-Knocker", played by Luke Skywalker himself Mark Hamill. They defeat him and are about ot be arrested by Willenholly (Will Ferell), when Justice (Shannon Elizabeth) arrives, admitting to stealing the jewels and framing Jay and Bob. She declares her love for Jay, but is attacked by the other theives. She wins a fight against Chrissy (Eliza Dushku) and all are arrested. Jay and Bob convince Banky (Jason Lee) to give them half of the money Miramax gave him. They use this money to fly around the country, routinely beating up the people who dissed them on the net. The movie is made and is succesively denounced by dozens of characters from previous Jay and Silent Bob movies. Ryan

Johnny Suede Johnny comes to Yvonne's apartment and tells her he's sorry. As the camera goes outside through the window, Johnny's boot is seen on the top of the car, which drives away.

Jurassic Park Gennerou dies by T-Rex, Robbert dies by raptor 1, Arnld dies by raptor 3. Grant, Hammond, Malclom, Tim, Lex, and Sattler survive. They excape by a choper. Jesse Webster

Jurassic Park 3 Grant gets tricked into going to the island. They run away.They meet up with some smart Raptors, some people die, then they get away. More encounters with the Spino, they get away. Some flying dinos chase them, one guy dies. the Pteradactyl's fly off the island cuz the cage got left open, and they find out that the person they thought got killed by the pteradactyl's , was still alive and just injured. They get off the island and the miltary seals off the island. Jack + Ryan