I Dreamed Of Africa After surviving a near fatal auto accident, Kim Bassinger moves to Africa with her new husband, young son, and the pet dog. Not to give too much away, during the film Kim Bassinger tells the dog to stay away from the tigers; she tells her husband not to take that one big last ride into the African sunset; and (I'm not kidding) she tells her son to not play with poisonous snakes. No one takes her advice. Thus, the dog gets chomped by a tiger, the husband gets killed in a car crash, and the son dies of a snake bite. Kim remains with her daughter in the African wilderness and they fondly remember the "Good Times." Loren Richard Klahs

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer the killer is will benzson, get it ben's son. rob caruana

The Ice Storm The ending is kind of sad. Elijah Wood is hoarsing around outside in the cold, when he sits on a metal fence. All of a sudden, a wire of a power line turns on and starts running lose. It touches the fence and Elijah gets electrocuted. He is found after and is brought home where it is pretty obvious that he is dead when his father starts crying. It is mainly silent during this whole emotional time, and a lot of crying is involved.

Independence Day Aliens 0 Earth 1