Halloween H20 Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) deeeeecapitates Michael Myers. Geez louise, it's about damn time somebody did. If you want to stop the undead pure evil, you've got to dismember them, not ARREST them (What's up with that, Halloween V?)! Marcus Alexander Hart

Hamburger hill In Hamburger hill, it turns out that out of the 14 soldiers only 3 of them survive: The guy with the girlfriend(Pretty suprising for a vietnam movie!!), Don Cheadle (The guy in Mision to mars, who is the only survivor of that group), and Dylan Mcdermott (Who will be seen in the movie coming soon called "Texas Rangers") Dan

Hannibal Hannibal is caught by Carlo (Ivano Marescotti) and delivered to Mason Verger (Gary Oldman) to be fed alive to the carniverous hogs. But Clarice Starling (Julianne Moore) knows where he is. She finds the barn he's being kept in, kills Carlo, and wounds Tommaso (Marco Graeo). But Clarice takes a shot in the shoulder. She frees Lector, but passes out. Lector rescues Clarice right as the doors open and the hogs enter. Hannibal stands completely still. The hogs can easily get him, but Tommaso is bleeding profusly and cowering over Carlo. The hogs see him as an easier target and eat him instead. Verger arrives with Cordell (Zelko Ivanek) to find Hannibal escaping. Sensing Cordells unhappiness, Hannibal convinces Cordell to push Verger into the pit, where he is killed by the hogs. Hannibal takes Clarice to Krendler's (Ray Liotta) lake-front house and fixes her wound. Clarice wakes up to find herself in a fancy evening dress and smells something cooking downstairs. Before she leaves, she calls the police who tell her that they'll be there in ten minutes. She goes downstair and finds Hannibal and Krendler chatting nicely. Krendler is acting a little too strange though, and has a pale face to go with his extremely red eyes. Hannibal removes Krendlers hat and we see that Hannibal has lobotamised him. Hannibal cuts the top of his head off and feeds Krendler peices of his own brain. Then he drags Krendler into the kitchen, leaving Clarice in the dining room. Clarice tries to attack Hannibal, but he slams her against a refrigerator. Her hair falls behind the open door. Hannibal slams it shut and pulls off the handle, trapping her. He begins to talk to her, but she hand-cuffs herself to him. Hearing the approaching sirens, Hannibal picks up a meat-cleaver, lays Clarice's hand on the counter, lifts the cleaver, and brings it down hard. Next we see Clarices standing outside as the police arrive. She still has both hands. Hannibal is escaping the country on an airplane. He has a sling around his arm (He cut off his own hand). As Hannibal gets out a small pack carrying food he has brought with him, a small boy comes to talk to him. The boy points to something in Hannibals tray and asks if he can have some (It is a piece of Krendler's brain). Hannibal agrees, and the boy becomes a cannibal without even knowing it. Ryan

The Haunting Well it turns out that Nell is Hugh Cranes great great grandfather. she draws him out in front of those cool looking doors and confronts him. the demons come out of the doors and drag him to hell. Nell dies in the process and joins all of the souls of the dead children while Dr. Marrow and Theo look on. richie

Hollow Man Taking the easy way out of a movie, Paul Verhoeven, turns it into a slasher flick, by having Kevin Bacon trap his colleagues in their underground lab. Then he kills them off one by one. First he strangles Janice, then tosses Carter through the air, causing him to snap his head against a pipe. After that he puts Sarah out with a tranuilizer and snaps her neck. Then he stabs Frank with an enormous crowbar (on the DVD they call that scene, "Frank-on-a-stick"). Then Bacon traps Linda and Matt in a freezer. She breaks out and torches Bacon down in a tunnel. He attacks her again only to have Matt hit him with the crowbar. Bacon attacks yet again, but is electrictued. Linda and Matt find out Sebastian (Kevin Bacon) set a bomb. They climb up into an elevator shaft just as the lab explodes. But Sebastian comes back one more time. He grabs Linda and they fall on the elevator. She breaks a wire causing Sebastian and the elevator to fall into the heaving fire. hugh Jass

House On Haunted Hill The darkness took evelyn and head upstairs towards the attic prichett died pryce died and eddie and sara escaped on the roof