The General's Daughter The killer is Colonel William Kent (Timothy Hutton).

Gladiator Russell Crowe's character having been captured while trying to escape and attempt to contact his former army is put into the Colliseum for one final battle. Yes you guessed it with the evil Ceasar (Joaquim Pheaonix). Needless to say an almighty battle ensues which Crowe wins. However, Crowe then collapses in the ring and dies from his wounds where he then goes to Roman Heaven to be reunited with his wife and son who were murdered earlier in the movie. mark pollock

The Good Son Susan (Wendy Crewson) has to choose between her son Henry (Macaulay Culkin) and her nephew Mark (Elijah Wood). She saves Mark and Henry falls off the cliff and dies.

The Green Mile John Coffrey didn't do the murders Tom Hanks learns this but does nothing and John fries, and because of that hanks keeps on living past 100. jodie portugal

The Grinch Where do I begin? This is probably the highest grossing box office hit of the year, and still they couldn't get Christine Baranski's "make-up" right? In any event, Jim Carey's performance makes anything Robin Williams has ever done look tame and conservative. Jim Carey in lime-green makeup was a lot more appealing than Christine Baranski as "death warmed over." And then there were all of those "improvised jokes," like Jim Carey putting some mistletoe up his ass and asking if anyone wanted to "...kiss it?" And wasn't it amusing when little "Cindy Lu, Sue, Boo..or whatever" got herself trapped into something that looked like a trash compactor? I thought the laughs would never stop. An instant holiday classic. Jim Carey's performance reminded me of any number of Robert Downey Jr's antics, in or out of the courtroom. The whole Dr. Seuss thing looked like it was filmed in the old Christmas window displays at Macy's. But really....was the footage of Christine Baranski's close-up necessary? This was scarier than Barbara Streisand in "The Mirror Has Two Faces," but that was a horse of a different color. Loren Richard Klahs