Face/Off sean archer shoots a harpoon into nicholas cages' stomach. sean gets his face & "...this ridiculous chin" back. pollux

The Faculty The alien in the end turns out to be Mary-Beth, she turns into a ugly moster and Casey kills her, then weeks later we see that he's the big hero, and he's now going out with Delilah, Stokley is going out with Stan, and im pretty sure that Zeke is going out wit the nerdy teacher Amy

Fargo Jerry's wife dies, and he's arrested while trying to escape through his motel room window. marge's back home with her cute husband. Oh, and that asian guy turns out to be a bit of a psycho.

The Fast and the Furious Brian Spindler (Paul Walker) gets the tuna sandwich (with no crust) and the girl- Mia (jordanna brewster). Walker, an undercover cop finds out that Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew are the honda bandits and not Johnny Tran (Ricky Yune) and his crew. In the end Dom gets his 10 second car. pj

Fight Club Brad Pitt and the Ed Norton and the same person. Two sides of the same personality. Apparently. Simple as that. Norton "kills" his alter ego by shooting himself in the face, but survives to witness the credit card buildings explode and tell Marla that he wants a relationship. Claire Packham + Rob Johnson

Final Destination Tod dies by being hanged in his bathroom. The jock's girlfriend, Terry, is killed by being, more or less, blown up by a public bus. The teacher dies by being burned and then having a knife stabbed into her chest. the jock is saved from being hit by a train. Clear is saved from being blown up in her car. Devon Sawa's character is resuscitated after being electrocuted. Six months later, Clear, Devon and the jock get on a plane to paris, devon is almost killed but he is saved first by Clear, then by the jock. Then the jock dies and the movie ends. julie

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within Niell, Ryan, and Jane (voiced by steve bucemi, Ving raymes,Peri gilpin) die by getting thier souls taken by the ailen and so does Gray ( Alec Baldwin ). Aki (Ming-Na) saves herself and the world by finding the 8th spirit. o yeah Dr.Sid (Donald Sutherland) survives too. Al Gore

Finding Forrester Forrester dies, and leaves "everything" to our young brilliant literary friend. Everyone, including Busta Rhymes, is both sadden and surprised. In the final sequence our hero, Busta Rhymes and their mother get the keys to Forrester's apartment, and they visit "the shrine," with the mother saying in hushed tones, "...Don't touch anything." Tearfully they gaze at the mountains of books, artwork, and antiques. Loren Richard Klahs

Forces of Nature Ben Affleck doesn't end up with Sandra Bullock, he goes home and marries his fiance, and Sandra Bullock goes to find her kid. Sarah

From Dusk Till Dawn Everybody dies except for Seth and Kate, who destroy all of the vampires and meet up with Cheech Marin (in like his tenth role in the movie) and live unhappily ever after. Marcus Alexander Hart

Full Metal Jacket Joker sneaks into the empty building and locates the sniper, who is actually a Vietnamese girl. Joker runs out of ammo, but is saved by Raptor-man who fires several rounds into the girl. The others soon arrive, but the girl is not dead. She lies on the ground, critically wounded and praying in Vietnamese. Joker realises that the true horror and insanity of this war has caught up with him, and he shoots the girl, killing her. From here on, we see that Joker is the one who has aquired "The Stare" of insanity, not Raptor-man. As the platoon leaves the decimated city, they join in singing the theme from "The Micky Mouse Club". Ryan