Empire Records The staff raise the money for Joe, by organizing a big party. Gina fulfills her dream and sings at the party, Corey tells AJ she loves him too, and everyone's really happy.

Enemy Of The State Dean gets the NSA guys and the mobsters to shoot at eachother, while Brill is off to a sunny beach.

Evolution Ira Kane (David Duchovny) and Harry Block (Orlando Jones) are blamed when the creatures escape. They return to the compound to confront Dr. Woodman (Ted Levine) and explain things to the governer (Dan Akroyd). While there, the creatures evolve into primates and attack. They are driven back after Wayne Greene (Seann William Scott) gets a gun and kills one. Enraged by the attack, the governer approves the plan to napalm the creature's habitat area. Afterwords, Woodman officially removes Ira and Harry from any association with the project whatesoever. When they leave, Dr. Allison Reed (Julianne Moore) joins them, sneaking out a sample of the original, un-evolved creature. They take it to the community college, where several students are throwing an "End of the World" party. There, they discover that the creature evolves when provoked by heat. They realise that the napalm will force the creatures to evolve even quicker. Ira also makes another discovery. We are carbon based life forms, while the aliens are nitrogen based. On the periodic table, if you go two down and one over from carbon, you have arsenic, which is poisonous to carbon-based life forms. If you do the same with nitrogen, you arrive at Selenium. Selenium, hopefully, will be poisonous to the aliens. But a new question arises. Where will they get 500 gallons of selenium in one day? The answer: Head and Shoulders shampoo. Selenium Nitrate is the active ingredient in Head and Shoulders. The guys fill the fire truck with the shampoo and head for the impact site. But Woodman has set off the bomb early, and the creatures mold together and form a giant, worm-like creature. By the time the good-guys are ready, the alien is about to divide. In order for the selenium to work, it must enter through an opening. The only one they can find is the aliens giant sphincter. Ira and Harry climb up the fire-truck's ladder and fire the creature full of shampoo. It works, and the creature explodes. Afterwords, Harry and Ira are given full credit for the discovery of life off of earth. Wayne becomes a full fire-fighter. Ira is about to be publically thanked for saving earth, but disappears into the fire-truck so that he can have sex with Allison. After the entire ordeal Ira, Harry, and Wayne becom commercial spokesmen for Head and Shoulders shampoo. Ryan

Eyes Wide Shut Apparently, I seem to be the only one who understood this movie, so I'll help you guys out. William Hartford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) are having marital problems. William and Alice go to a party thrown by his boss, where they both pick up "dates". Alice goes for an older guy, while William gets two hot, younger women. Alice doesn't persue it though, because she seems to have some form of moral attachment to her marriage. William would have gone for it, but is pulled away by his boss. His boss was having sex with a girl named Mandy (Julienne Davis) who has now O.D.'d. William revives her and returns to the party. He meets up with Alice who wants to go home. Once there, they have sex. Afterwords, they discuss sex in the modern world. Alice tells William that women are underestimated by men nowadays. She tells him of a time when they were on a vacation, when she saw a man in a navy uniform. The man and her had stared at eachother and nothing more, but she claims that she felt better then than she would have if they had had sex. Outraged, William goes out the next day for some sexual revenge. At first he tries to get together with a hooker. But he ends up starting a conversation and feels too good to have meaningless sex with her. Then he finds an old friend of his, a musician named Nick Nightingale (Todd Field). William follows the information Nick gives him and finds himself in a mansion in the counrty. Inside is a meeting of a secret society. The men present wear cloaks and mardi-gras-esque masks. The women also wear masks, but are otherwise completely naked. There, couples have freaky sex in front of onlookers. Williams identity is discovered and he is told that he will be punished. But one of the girls offers to take his punishment for him. They leader of the society agrees, but warns William that he must never speak of what he has seen. The next day, William reads an obituary for Mandy, the drugged up whore he saved. William thinks that Mandy was the girl in the mansion, and that she was killed because of him. William is confronted by his boss, who claims to be a member of the secret organization. He claims that the whole ordeal with the crowd turning on him and the girl offering to undergo his punishment was nothing more than a show that was put on to scare him out of ever speaking about what he saw. William goes to return the mask and cloak he rented for the trip last night to a costume shop run by a Russian man named Milich (Rade Sherbedgia). When William had been there the previous night, Milich had caught his daughter (Leelee Sobieski) having sex with 2 chinese men. Milich had told them he was going to call the cops. When William arrives today, Milich is talking pleasently with the man. William asks him what is going on, and Milich tells him that a deal can always be made. When he finishes saying this, he looks to his daughter, who eyes William lustfully. William, now thoroughly confused, goes to see the hooker from the previous night. She isn't there, but her roomate is, She tells William that the girl was diagnosed with AIDs that morning. Now William understands the truth about sex in the modern world. Sex is no longer about love or emotion. It's about satisfying your raw, carnal urges. Man no longer loves, but lusts. Mankind no longer cares about emotion, we are nothing but sexual predators. Devastated, William decides to make things right by confessing everything to Alice. Alice takes it badly, but understands that her husband truly loves her and had to undergo this terrible ordeal to truly understand that. And, in the tradition of all of Kubricks greatest films, this one has an ironic ending. After Williams frightening journey into the horrors of sex, Alice decides the way that they must resolve their problems is for them to have sex together as soon as possible. Ryan