Can't Hardly Wait All the jocks lose, all the geeks win. It's the ending that you always wished that The Breakfast Club had. Marcus Alexander Hart

Cast Away Tom Hanks builds some kind of a raft, and sails into the ocean with Wilson and with this unopened package. There's a storm, Wilson drowns (a very sad scene), but Tom gets rescued by sime big ship. When he returns to civilization he finds out the his girlfriend has mariied some other guy!! and they have a kid! They kiss, They confess that they love eachother, but she returns to her life with her husband. Tom brings the package to its sender, and apparently its a cool, beautiful woman, which makes her worthy of his love. Well actually we don't see what happens between them, but they probably fall in love or something. Oh,by the way, Tom is so much cuter after 4 years on the island, when he's skinny!

Chasing Amy Holden (Ben Affleck) decides that in order for him to be comfortable with Alyssa's (Joey Lauren Adams) past, they have to have a threesome with Banky (Jason Lee) who Holden assumes is attracted to him. Banky reluctantly agrees, but Alyssa says that she can't do it. She says that she loves him, but she's not his whore. And they break up. Banky and Holden stop making the comic together. A year later, they're at a convention and Holden sees Banky and they acknowledge each other pleasently, then he sees Alyssa accross the way and gives her a comic of his own that contains an apology. Sarah

Cinderella (Disney version) At the moment when Cinderella is about to be fitted with the glass slipper, her stepmother (who had tried to keep this from happening by locking her in her room; the animal friends saved her) trips the footman presenting the shoe. It breaks, but Cinderella isn't perturbed - she reveals that she had the other one all along; it obviously fits, and a happy ending ensues as she is married to the prince. (Miss) Rori

Citizen Kane Rosebud was a sled. matt nielsen

City of Angels Seth (Nicholas Cage) falls and becomes human. He searches for Maggie (Meg Ryan), finds her in her cabin. They spend a wonderful night together and begin planning the rest of their life. The next day, Maggie goes to buy some things at the store and as she returns on her bike she gets hit by a log truck. Seth runs to her, and is with her while she dies. He's devastated, and is unsure of how he will go on. Sucky sucky ending! Sarah

Clerks The old man who borrowed the porno earlier in the film, dies while masterbating in the bathroom. His blood continues to flow for a few hours, and he is left with a hard-on. Caitlin stumbles into the bathroom, mistakes him for Dante, and has sex with him. Afterwords, Dante reveals that it wasn't him, and the body is discovered. Caitlin has a nervous breakdown and is commited. Randy still thinks Dante wants to be with Caitlin and tells his real girlfriend that he doesn't want her anymore. Outraged, she breaks up with Dante. Dante attacks Randy, but stops after Randy explains that Dante refuses to listen to himself, let alone make up his mind. Randy leaves right when Jay and Silent Bob enter. Jay continues to play the role of druggie bad-ass, but Silent Bob speaks up, telling Dante that his girlfriend really loves him and he should follow his heart. Dante realises that he has to make a decision, and closes the store for the night. Ryan

A Clockwork Orange Alex (Malcolm McDowell) undergoes a form of sublimenal treatment to cure him of his evil tendancies. He is cured, and as a result, everytime he has an evil thought, he becomes physically sick. Alex returns to his house to find that his parents have rented out his room and are unwilling to kick their visitor out. Alex leaves and is attacked by a group of homeless people led by the poor derelect he savagely beat at the beginning of the film. The police break up the crowd, but Alex finds out that the cops are none other than his former gang members who he abused, beat, and belittled. They take him to the middle of nowhere, where they torture and beat him before stranding him and leaving. Alex stumbles blindly through the country-side before arriving at the home of the man he attacked (At the start of the film, he and his "Droogs" broke into the mans house, trashed his belongings, beat him senseless, and raped his wife. During this whole ordeal, Alex was singing the song "Singing in the the rain".). The man, not recognising Alex, takes him in and cares for him. The man is now crippled and his wife has died, all resulting from the attack. Alex is happy to be here, being cared for, but he makes a big mistake. While taking a bath, he sings "Singing in the rain". The man hears this, and realises who his guest is. The man finds out that Alex was the subject of the sublimenal experiment that is now all over the papers, and, during a conversation, Alex reveals another weakness. During the procedure, Beethoven music was played. Now, Alex also grows sick when Beethoven is playing. The man drugs Alex, and then locks him in the attic, piping Beethoven in through the walls. Alex grows insane from the torture and throws himself out a window. He awakens in a hospital. He finds that the police have rescued him. He also discovers that the doctors have reversed his condition. Fearing that the story of their subject's ill treatment after the procedure will! get out to the public, the doctors have made him the way he was. Now, totally free to do whatever he wishes, Alex returns to his criminal lifestyle. Ryan

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Through great peril, Roy and newfound friend Gillian make it to Devil's Tower and the secret rendezvous the goverment has set up with the peaceful aliens, who return all the people that had been "kidnapped" by them, including Gillian's son Barry. A team of astronauts will now journey with the aliens; Roy is allowed to join them. (Miss) Rori

Con Air iris finds out cage isnt a prisoner anymore and they land in vegas all the prisoners get sent back to jail except iris, cage chases iris on a motorcycle. iris gets electricuted and crushed in a construction area and cage gives the plush toy to his daughter. Ramy Ramirez

Contact the scientist is a candidate to go but can't b/c she doesn't believe in God (she uses occum's razor, the simplest explanation is often the right one, to back her up). the 1st launcher gets blown up by that religious guy they saw on TV during a rehersal. the real old guy gets her to the place he lives and tells her that since it was govt money, they built two of the deals and the other one is on some secret island and would she like to go? she then goes to the place, which is under heavy security. in the launch, there's lots of vibrations which cause her to contemplate abort but she doesn't and the thing starts to drop and she starts to go places and basically meets her dad. this takes several hours for her but after she comes back, they tell her nothing happened and it didn't work. there's a big hearing on this and they think she made everything up and wasted the govt's money and she tries to convince them into what she thinks really happened but they use occum's razor against her, saying its easier to believe that it didn't work and nothing happened and that she didn't go anywhere. after it concludes, we see two of the people talking about what was recorded on her camera that she took and it seemed that it recorded the same length of static as the length of time she said she was gone. in the end, she's giving a tour of the satellite array to some kids on a field trip. rald

Coyote Ugly Piper Perabo (a.k.a. Violet)leaves the wholesome 'grassroots' existence of her childhood (somewhere in the Midwest) and moves to New York City. Once there, in "The Big Apple", she discovers that New York might not be her kinda' town. The people are rude. Someone steals her money. And...she is forced to work in a bar and participate in wet-tee-shirt contests. She becomes a "hot barmaid," but what she really wants to do is write songs. There is only one small problem, she has terminal "stage fright" and cannot perform. After endless angst-ridden episodes (to include: dancing on the bar, spraying the horny regulars with water, and having sex with some guy from England) she finds herself "hopeless" in terms of fulfilling her career as a songwriter. And then out of left field comes Leann Rimes, who sings one of Piper Perabo's songs, and the rest is history. The audience goes wild, the song is a big success, and Piper Perabo can stay in "The Big Apple" and have more sex with the English guy. Loren Richard Klahs

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Li Mu-Bai (Chow Yun-Fat) and Shu Lien (Michelle Yo) arrive at Jade Fox's lair to confront Jen (Ziyi Zhang). Jade Fox (Pei-Pei Cheng) has been keeping Jen under her control, but Jen rejects her and agrees to come with Mu-Bai and Lien. But Jade Fox attacks them, firinf poison darts at Mu-Bai. Mu-Bai deflects them and kills Jade Fox. But he finds that one dart has made it through and kills him before Jen can find the antidote. Jen goes to Wudan to study with Lo (Chen Chang). They spend the night together. The next morning, Jen tells Lo to ake a wish. Lo wishes they could be back alone in the deser again. A tearful Jen throws herself off a bridge. Ryan

Cruel Intensions Ryan Phillipe DIES by getting hit by a taxi saving that wanna be virgin. Sarah Michelle Gellar is no longer a good little girl coz the sercets have come out in the open at the funeral of Sebastian wilsonl