Back to the Future Marty goes back to 1955 when his parents first meet. After alot of unimportant stuff, he ends up changing the time line so that he family is better off when he gets back to 1985. Larissa

Back to the Future Part II Although Marty and Doc manage to correct the 1985 timeline that the 2015 Biff altered by returning to 1955 themselves, Marty is stranded in 1955 when lightning strikes the DeLorean, which vanishes - and Doc with it, since he was inside. But Marty immediately afterward receives a letter from Doc dated 1885, which means he's still alive but at an earlier time - thus setting the stage for the third film. (Miss) Rori

Backdraft Brian (William Baldwin) and Stephen (Kurt Russell) figure out that fellow firefighter John "Axe" Adcox (Scott Glenn) is the one behind the firs. But before they can confront him, they are all called to a wherehouse fire. They talk to him on the roof. Axe tells them that he found out that Alderman Marty Swayzak (J.T. Walsh) and the others who have all been killed were shutting down firehouses and cutting back funding in an effort to gain more money, resulting in numerous deaths of firemen. Axe and Stephen fight for a little while, but then stop and resolve. Brian shows up and the three realise that Axe is not at fault, but the Alderman is. Before they can escape though, the roof caves in and all three fall into the building. Axe is killed and Stephen severely wounded. Sensing the need for courage, Brian succesfully puts the fire out. Brian and Stephen finally work out their differences, but Stephen dies on the way to the hospital. The next day, all the firemen in th! e city gather for the double funeral of Axe Stephen. Brian gives the info to Detective Donald "Shadow" Rimgale, who arrests Swayzak. Brian decides to carry on the family tradition and takes his brother's and father's place as a firefighter. Ryan

Barry Lyndon Barry Lyndon (Ryan O'neall) abuses hos step-son Lord Bullingdon (Leon Vitalli) too much, and he leaves the family. Barry and his wife (Marisa Berenson) have a child of their own, but he is killed while riding a horse. Barry grows depressed, and falls into debt. Seeing no way out, he contacts Bullington and asks for help. They make a deal. The two of them shall duel. If Barry wins, he can have all the money he needs. If he looses, he must leave, and will be paid 500 pounds a month to never come back. At the duel, Bullington wins the toss and is awarded the first shot. His guns misfires though, and Barry is given the turn. He purposely fires away, and Bullington is given another shot. Bullington is a bad shot though, and hits Barry in the leg. This does win him the bet though, and Barry leaves the country after his leg becomes infected and is amputated. He heads to the continent where he attempts to make a living as a gambler. He is unsuccesful and disappears, never to be seen again. Ryan

Batman Batman kills a bunch of henchmen (boo! Batman doesn't kill!) and then faces off against the Joker. Joker escapes on a helicopter's rope ladder...but Batman throws a rope around Joker's ankle. Joker falls to his death. The city debuts its Bat-signal for contacting Batman. Michael Hutchison

Batman and Robin This is just like the last movie, except with even more spinning lights and butt shots. The three heroes have to fight three villains while nine other principal players try to get in their stories as well. There's a big motorcycle race that has nothing to do with anything. Mr. Freeze is saddled with a lot of lame quips while Poison Ivy blows pollen at people again and again and again. Alfred is near death and steals the plot from "Max Headroom". Computer whiz Barbara hacks into Batman's files by stabbing at the keyboard a finger at a time. This goes on for another three hours, until Freeze and Ivy are caught and put in the same Asylum room even though they're not the same gender and need different temperatures to survive. As the credits roll, you realize two things: that the Smashing Pumpkins song is the movie's high point, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar is the best actor with the deepest character in the whole film(!). Michael Hutchison

Batman Forever Riddler and Two-Face discover Batman's secret, so we know they're in trouble. Batman and his new partner Robin get into their new extra-homoerotic costumes (complete with nipples built in) and go off to defeat Riddler and Two-Face at their not-at-all-secret lair. Batman blows by the Police HQ without actually asking why they have the signal on, and Commissioner Gordon shakes hands with the other officers like he's done something. At the HQ, Two-Face is ground to bits and Riddler gets a massive brain energy dump which leaves him looking like he'll need to take the "special bus" for the rest of his life. Riddler thinks he's Batman. Michael Hutchison

Batman Returns Penguin is about to kill most of Gotham via remote-controlled penguins with rocket harnesses. No, seriously. Batman defeats him and has all the rockets land in the abandoned zoo. Penguin drowns. Meanwhile, Catwoman faces off against Max Schreck, who learns the identity of Batman so we KNOW he's going to die. Catwoman electrocutes herself and Max, but her body is not found. Later, Batman wishes Alfred a Merry Christmas and Catwoman's head appears peeking up at the bottom of the screen. Michael Hutchison

La Bella Vita Roberto Benini as Gwido,a young man who comes from the country to the city. He fell in love and got married. the young couple having a son-joshua. Gwido is jewish, and the nazis take him and Joshua to the getto. Gwido,that wants to keep away his son from the horrors and make him overcome it - inventing a whole virtual world for Joshua. for all over the war joshua thinks that they are playing a game, and "if they will get 1000 points they'll win in a real tank. During the movie Gwido is fighting to keep his son's illusion real. It works, and because of that game little Joshua is saved, and meets his mother again. The only problem is that Gwido himself is getting shot and dead while looking for his wife. The movie ends when we understand that the whole movie is a story told to us by Joshua after he grew up. Dory N.

Betty Blue Betty goes bonkers so zorg breaks into the hospital and smothers her with a pillow jeepsta

Big Eden Henry leaves Big Eden, or so Pike thinks, but he really stays, and he and Pike have a slow dance and kiss. Shell

Billy Elliot Billy decides to give up boxing lessons in favor of ballet lessons. He keeps this secret from his brother and father who are involved in a miner's strike (his mother is dead.) His instuctor encourages him to apply to the national ballet school, which after much objection from his father, he does. His father eventually warms to the idea of Billy dancing, and the end of the movie shows Billy as a famous dancer in the future. Amanda Titel

The Blair Witch Project With Josh missing, Mike and Heather heard screams which they traced to an abandoned house. Mike get grabed by someone or something in the basement. Heather finds Mike standing in the corner facing the wall, ala Rustin Parr style of his killings (at the beginning of the movie, they were interviewing the locals about the legend. one man said that he (crazy witch dude)would kidnap little kids from the town and bring them up to his cabin. he brought them down into the basement two at a time. he stood one in the corner while he killed the other...the reason mike was standing in the corner was because the witch was killing josh). then you hear a loud thud and heathers camera hits the floor. Dan + pollux

Bloodsport Van Damme plays a martial artist who is trained by Shidoshi Tanaka since he was a kid. He goes to Hong Kong to fight in an ancient underground tournament called the Kumite. When he gets to Hong Kong he mets Ray Jackson, a huge biker, who is fighting in the Kumite. They become friends. At the Kumite Ray is defeated by the current champion, Chan Li, and is hospitalized. Chan Li goes on beating everyone and killing some of them until the final round. In the end he fights Van Damme and starts to lose. In the middle of the fight he throws some dust stuff in Van Damme's eyes and he can't see, but he starts to think back to his training with Shidoshi when he ha to wear a blindfold and then he kicks the shizit out of Chan Li and makes him say "matee"(kind of like saying uncle). Then he goes back to the US. Hugh

Blow After years spent in jail and away from his little daughter. Carl Jung vists her after school and walks her home everyday. One day he asks her where she wants to go and she says "California". Inorder to make her wish come true, he needs to do one last score. He meets up with old friends and the deal goes smoothly until one of them is working with the DEA and turns on Carl. THe end of the movie is of Carl dreaming of one day meeting his grown up daughter (which never happens). Dwight

Book of Shadows: Blairwitch 2 Erica dissapears after performing a Wiccan ritual. She is later found dead, in the closet. Jeff, Stephan, and Kim find out that Tristen is actually the one possed by evil. Tristen begins to mock the others.In a blind rage, Stephan hangs her. The next morning, the police enter the building and arrest the three. They review the tape of what happened to Tristen. The tape shows something completely different. The three are accusing Tristen of murder. Tristen is now denying this and is begging for her life. On the tape, Stephen goes crazy and hangs her. Then Kim is shown a video of the security camera of a local store. Earlier Kim purchased food and left. But now, the video shows her butchering the clerk. Now it is revealed to the three what really happened to the other group of campers. They review the tapes of what happened that night. They all danced naked around a raging fire, and then ran to the other campers and killed them one by one. As the movie ends, we hear Stephan yelling "It wasn't us! Someone messed with those tapes!" And as the credits begin to roll, countless groups of camper enter the woods of Burkettesville to take part in the real legend of the Blairwitch. Ryan

Bottle Rocket Dignan is caught by the police (a few minutes after declaring "they'll never catch me") and ends up in jail. Anthony and Inez get back to each other. By the way, did you know that Anthony, Dignan and Future man are brothers in real life?!

A Boy and His Dog Quilla helps Vic (Don Johnson) escape from the underground city. Once on the surface, they discover that Blood (the dog) is starving. Quilla tells Vic she loves him, and asks him to leave Blood behind. Vic kills her instead and feeds her to Blood. BP

Braveheart Mel Gibson's dad is killed in battle when Mel is a kid. He goes to live with his uncle who teaches him to be a soldier. He grows up, goes back to his old village, marries Marne and Marne is killed by English soldiers. Mel starts kickin ass on the English until they capture him and kill him. Hugh

Bridget Jones's Diary Bridget starts a diary of her life and through out the movies tries to loose weight and give up other things as part of her New Years Resolutions. Bridget falls for her boss Hugh Grant. They get together but he turns out to be a complete jerk and dumbps her. Throughout the movie she keeps running into a guy named Mark Darcy who she can't stand but one night he tells her he likes her just as she is. Well that did it. Bridget is now crazy about him. However Hugh Grant does spoil Bridget's birthday party and a fist fight between him and Mark takes place and Mark leaves. He comes back and he and Bridget are about to go out when he discovers what she's written about him in her diary (when she hated him) and leaves her apartment. Bridget chases him in the snow wearing only a t-shirt, a sweater and running shoes. She catches up to him at a shop where he has bought her a new diary for her to write about their life together. They kiss and her leopard print underwear is sho! wing and people are stopping to look so he wraps Bridget up in his coat. Erin

Bring It On The African American cheerleader team wins!!! but they deserve it. uli

A Bug's Life The giant mechanical bird is lost in a fire started by P.T. Flea, but the antz, er, ants defeat those pesky grasshopers anyway. Woo-hoo. Big surprise. Marcus Alexander Hart