A.I. Cybertronics creates a robot who can love and sells it (david) to a family who has a son but is frozen cause hes in a coma. Monica (mom in family) finally accepts David and programs him to love them, then Martin (son that was in coma)wakes up and is unfrozen. Martin makes david do stuff which makes monica take david and leave him in the forest. He gets picked up by poeple who hate robots. Grabs another robot named Joe and escapes. They go to a city named rouge. They ask a computer where the blue fairy lives so that it can make david into a real boy. The computer says it lives in mannhatten. David and joe go to mannhatten. Joe gets cuaght by police. David Goes in a submarine to coney island which at the time is under water. Parks the submarine in front of a statue of the blue fairy. Says "Will you please make me into a real boy?" over and over, for 2,000 years. Water freezes. Robots came and unfreeze david, and look at his memory. They create a home for him and bring monica back for a day. At the end of the day monica dies, david cries and then falls asleep. Miki + Adrian

Alien After being exposed to the face hugger, Kane dies having a baby alien rip through his stomach in a disturbing scene. The rest of the crew (Dallas, Ripley, Brett, Parker, Lambert, Ash) decide to hunt it down and kill it. But soon Brett is killed. Then Dallas goes through a heating duct only to be captured by the alien. Soon Ash snaps and Parker bashes his head in and we find out he's an android. Parker and Lambert get supplies when the alien finds them. Parker tries to stop but is killed. Lambert panics and is killed as well. With Ripley by herself she grabs the cat and gets onto the escape ship. The bigger ship explodes in a very cool sequence. Alone on the escape pod, the Alien attacks her. She shoots it out and uses the engines to blow into space. hugh jass

All the President's Men This guy called deepthroat tells them all the stuff so nixon is basically stuffed. jeepsta

American Beauty Colonel Frank Fitz (Chris Cooper) finds a tape that his son Ricky took of Lester (Kevin Spacey) working out in the nude. Ricky took it because he thought it was bizarre, but Frank thinks his son is gay. He later witnesses Ricky with Lester. Ricky is rolling a joint for Lester, who is lying on a couch, but from Franks point of view, Ricky seems to be going down on Lester. Ricky returns home and is attacked by Frank who accuses him of being gay. Seeing his chance to leave for good, Ricky says that he is and Frank kicks him out. Frank leaves and goes to get Jane (Thora Birch) and she agrees to go to New York with him. Angela (Mena Suvari) and Jane argue and Ricky makes her see that she is a normal person who is completely ordinary. Meanwhile, Carolyn (Annette Benning) is returning home. Lester caught her cheating on him. Seeing that she has nothing to use against him, she decides the only way out is to shoot him. Lester is working in the garage, when he is confronted ! by Frank. Frank attempts to kiss him, but Lester shoots him down. Frank leaves. Lester goes into the house, where he finds Angela crying her eyes out. At first, he tries to comfort her, but soon they are on the couch, about to have sex. Suddenly, Lester realises how dumb his actions are, and stops. He decides to hold a decent conversation with her. It works. Angela goes to the bathroom. Lester sits in the kitchen, looking at a picture of his family. He smiles as a gun is pointed at the back of his head. The camera pans away and we hear a gunshot. Then we see blood spray on the wall. Ricky and Jane come downstairs and see Lester lying dead on the counter. There is a voiceover. We realise that the Lester who has been narrating the movie was his voice from beyond the grave. Now Lester talks about how death feels, and of how he misses his family. We see Carolyn run into her bedroom. She has obviously seen Lester's body. She throws her gun away and begins to cry. She apparently, ! will recieve the blame. Then we see Frank in his study. His whi! te shirt is covered in blood and there is a gun missing from his display. He is the one who killed Lester. As the movie ends, Lester leaves us with these words: "You have no idea what I'm talking about. But don't worry. You will." Ryan

American History X Daniel Vinyard has to write a paper about his brother Derek, a former skinhead leader who has been parolled from serving 3 years for murder. After telling his moving story of why he decided to leave the skinheads and wants Danny to leave as well, Derek agrees to talk to the other skinheads about why they should leave as well. It seems like it is going to be a happy ending had by all until the very end when Danny is shot and killed by a black gang member that he had insulted earlier in the film. Jennifer Davis

American Pie well those horney little boys finally get laid. 1 of them has ity off with stifflers mom on a pool table another with his girlfriend and 1 with a band player... of course ther is one left that falls in love and decides to wait to get laid... bad choice i say. well enjoy the movie it is a laugh. michael joyce

American Pie 2 The guys spend the summer at a beach house. Michelle agrees to help Jim prepare for Nadia's arrival, but in all the preparing they actually fall in love. Kevin and Vicky learn to be friends. Stifler has sex with the 2 girls they thought were lesbians. And Finch finally sees Stifler's Mom and they have sex in her car. Nikki

America's Sweethearts Julia Roberts plays the "plain jane" and "formerly obese" sister of the "beautiful and georgeous" Catherine Zeta-Jones. It seems that Catherine Zeta-Jones and her on-screen lover, and off-screen husband (John Cusack) can't stand each other. Yet, to keep the movie-going public interested in their new project, Cusack and Zeta-Jones must (for convenience sake) "pretend" to still be an "item." Problems arise when Cusack falls in love with Julia Roberts, and Zeta-Jones falls in love with herself. Enter, Billy Crystal (who coincidentally wrote this movie.) And then, the 'comedy schtick' (...and I do mean 'schtick') begins. For instance, A big dog continually sniffs out Billy Crystal's crotch and humps his leg. A bewildered Julia Roberts finding Billy and the dog in this compromising situation retorts with "...Should I leave you two alone?" (Pause for 'big giant guffaws from audience'.) And then there is that almost 'rated R' scene where Billy Crystal "inadvertently" lets a video tape fall into the hands of a local newsroom, where it "appears" that John Cusack is furiously masterbating in the weeds, while he is trying to get a glimpse of Catherine Zeta-Jones (peeping Tom style) through her bedroom window, .... and many more bits of comedy that beg for 'canned laughter.' In the end, all's well that end's well. A "movie within the movie" turns out to be a "documentary-of-sorts" that Christopher Walken haphazardly put together at the last minute to show "...What Actors Are Really Like Behind All Of That Make-up. The critics love it! The studio boss is ecstatic! And guess what? Julia Roberts, "the plain jane and formerly obese" sister of the "beautiful and georgeous" Catherine Zeta-Jones, gets the "man of her dreams" (ie: John Cusack.) NOTE: He was really in love with her all the time, even when she was a big fat pig! Loren Richard Klahs

Angel Eyes OK. So J.Lo falls in love with Jim Caveziel who is actually some guy she saved a year ago from a car accident in which his wife and child died. Of course he blocked that out of his memory and changed his name, just tried to live a normal life. They get together at the end, probably for good. Mac The Movieguy

The Animal A bird hunter is attacked and mauled and the town blames Marvin (Rob Schnieder), whom they chase into the forest. There, he finds Dr.Wilder (Michael Canton), who tells him that he is not the creature that attached the hunter, but there is another person in the woods who has undergone the same experiment. They are resposible. During the chase, you are found guessing who it could be. There are hints which ellude to Marvin's friend Fatty (Louis Lombardi), Chief Wilson (Ed Asner), and Dr. Wilder himself. But in the end we find out that it is Marvin's girlfriend Rianna (Colleen Haskell) who is the creature. Apparently she underwent the procedure sometime during the year she spent living in a redwood tree in order to prevent its destruction. She saves Marvin from Sgt. Sisk (John C. McGinley) and then explains that she attacked the hunter because he was trying to kill Molly, the baby turkey vulture. They reconcile, but then are attacked by a mob (members of which include Norm MacDonald as a talkitive lumberjack and Adam Sandler doing a parody of Schneider's "You can do it!" cajun character from "The Waterboy".). As the mob approaches, Marvin's friend Miles (Guy Torry) takes the blame for his friend. The mob decides to let him off since he is black ("I ain't takin' part in a mob to kill a black guy, I'll tell ya that!" says MacDonald). A year later, Marvin and Rianna are married, have founded a wildlife preserve, and have two man-imal children. Dr. Wilder has won the nobel prize and is marrying Yolanda, the badger-milk girl (Who has also undergone the trans-species-ectomy.). Ryan

Arlington Road In one of the most shockingly bleak, downbeat endings of any movie since The Parallax View (1974), Michael Farady (Jeff Bridges) discovers that his fears of his next-door neighbor Oliver Lang (Tim Robbins) of being a terrorist bomber are true. Farady thinks that Lang and his conspirators are going to drive a delivery van full of explosives into the FBI headquarters building in downtown Washington D.C. After a long, panic-stricken car chase through the streets, Farady catches up to the delivery van entering the building parking garage only to discover (way too late) that it's a different van entering the building and the bomb is not in the van, but in the trunk of his rental car! The delivery man/telephone repairman conspirator denotates the bomb from his van a short distance away in which the FBI building is destroyed, killing Farady and hundreds of others. Months later after a long investgation into the bombing, it is announced that Farady bombed the FBI building for his own insane reasons, thanks to some damaging testomony from Lang's co-conspirators as well as Farady's son Grant (his mind poisoned against his father by stories from Lang) and that like the other bombings of St. Louis and Oklahoma City, no evidence has been found of any conspiracy. Farady was the lone bomber. Case closed. Lang thanks his conspirators and co-conspirators on yet another job well done as he and his co-conspiritor wife plan to move to another city to meet with their next group of conspirators to slowly plan their next terrorist act completely undisturbed. Matthew Patay

Armageddon Harry (bruce willis) sets the bomb (in order to destroy the asteroid), and, being located on the asteroid, dies. you can relax, though, most of the crew comes back home in one piece.

Army of Darkness Ash (Bruce Campbell) says the words and returns to the present to continue to fight the living undead and woo the women in his local S-Mart... that is, unless you are watching the alternate version... Marcus Alexander Hart

Army of Darkness (alternate) Ash (Bruce Campbell) says goodbye to those in the kingdom and attempts to return home with a magic potion. He must swallow 6 drops and then say the magic words. Each drop will allow him to sleep a century. Ash is distracted however, and swallows 7 after loosing count. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a post apocalyptic London, decimated after war and with no one left alive. Faced with this new world, Ash goes insane. Ryan

Atlantis: The Lost Empire HUGE Stargate rip-off. Spock's voices buys it while Marty McFly's voice stays behind in this alien place with the girlfriend he made there. Fleetwood